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N100 SDS air cleaning device

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Product Description

N100 SDS has the same features N100 and also it incorporates an LCD with Smart Digital Signage capabilities .

N100 SDS is effective for indoor areas up to 1000 m3 – (333m2 with 3m ceiling height).

​Advanced design that collects air at the breathing level. With its utility model that is owned by Froumann, N100 SDS removes the viruses from the environment instantly.

​It is portable, plug and operate, no installation or assembly required.

​With its multi-filter system, it removes all harmful viruses, bacteria, dust, chemical air pollutants and unpleasant odors from ambient air.

​It holds all particles of 0.3 micron and larger in the air with the H14 HEPA filter by 99.97% With the Active Carbon Filter, it reduces VOC(Volatile organic Compounds), odors and pollutants in the ambient air by 99%.



Froumann Professional Air Cleaning Systems

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About us

Froumann air purification systems are produced with high-technology HEPA filters that increase the air quality we breathe in indoor areas and protect our immune system against viruses and bacteria.


Thanks to its special multi-filter system, it cleans the air in the environment from all harmful bacteria, viruses, dust, chemical air pollutants and unpleasant odors.


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