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DENTAL LASER HANDPIECE 670 - needs offer - SA

18-06-2022 SA Buy Lead
for Denlase Laser: Diode laser, Class 4 Wavelength: 810±10 nm (DenLase-810/7) 980±10 nm (DenLase-980/7) Output power: 0.5W-7 W Operation modes: continuous wave (CW) or single pulse or pulse sequence Pulse length: 5 msec to 30sec Pulse Interval: 5 msec to 10sec Fiber : single core, core diameter ≥ ∅200 um, ∅0.9 mm buffer Fiber length : 3 m with SMA905 input connector provided Fiberoptic port: SMA905 (FC or ST connection type is available on request.) Aiming beam: 650 nm diode laser, < 1mW output, Class 2 Main supply: 100-240VAC, 47-63Hz, 1.25-0.5A Classification Classification according to MDD II B Electrical protection Class I
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