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If you want to buy a simple to use, extremely strong and durable, flexible roller blind, Zip Curtain will meet your needs. In the production of this curtain product, Serge Ferrari technology, which is accepted as the highest technology by the whole world, was used. With this technology, Zip Curtain was moved to a very special and different position. With Zip Screen developed with a top quality technology, you will experience almost all the technology of the world together. By taking full advantage of Serge Ferrari technology, you can make effective use of these flexible curtains. If you want to see the peak in technology through the roller blinds you use, Zip Curtain is a product developed exactly for you… You can bring the environments together with a technological equipment even with this product.

From New Generation Roller Blinds ...

Considering this special technology that we call Zip Curtain, it is one of the new generation curtains… As a technological, modern and special curtain, Zip Curtain, which is different from classic roller blinds, will always make you feel its difference when you use it. If classic curtains do not meet your needs and you want to buy and use more special products in terms of hardware, Zip Curtain will be the perfect fit for you. As this product will force you to save in many ways, you will see what a profitable choice you have made, even in the short term. For those who want to make really profitable and economical curtain choices, the new generation Zip Screen is a very suitable product ...

Made for Four Seasons

What exactly do you expect from a roller blind? Roller blinds should always fulfill your needs and wishes. If the roller blinds you use at this point are insufficient for your needs and wishes, you will need a new roller blind. Zip Curtain will be enough for you in every way and will prevent you from needing a new roller blind. Zip Curtain, one of the four-season roller blinds, offers you whatever you need in all seasons. In this way, you do not buy a roller blind that loses its effectiveness in changing seasons. On the contrary, you buy a special curtain that is shaped according to each changing season. Thus, it is completely in your hands to meet only the beautiful side of each season and to evaluate the beautiful side.

Fabric and Choice Variety

It also offers you a variety of choices. Zip Curtain was produced with a wide variety of fabrics as one of these curtains. Thanks to this feature, you have the opportunity to transfer light and heat to the environment at different rates with Zip Screen. The light and heat of the environment will be completely in your hands, shaped by your preferences. However, no matter which fabric you prefer, you will get good results in every sense when using the curtain thanks to the various special equipment of the curtain. Our curtains manage to keep the light and temperature of the environment at the required level, even without your intervention.

Let savings be a part of your life with temperature control

How would you like to make savings a part of your life? While producing Zip Curtain, it was produced as a temperature controlled roller blind. These curtains, which always save money without consulting you with heat control, are very assertive about making savings a part of your life… You will see that your heat expenditure in the environment will decrease greatly after you purchase and use these curtains. We should emphasize that the results obtained when such curtains are used in large spaces are extremely satisfactory. Start from the most logical point to save heat, from your curtains… You will be very surprised when you see the extent of the heat savings you provide with curtain change.

Lifetime Warranty

Zip Curtain, which is also one of the non-deformable roller blinds, is guaranteed for a lifetime against deformation. You can use these curtains, which will not be deformed for a lifetime, for a long time, with their basic features. These curtains provide you with a healthy use for a long time. Zip Curtain not only shows the same resistance not to deform, but also tear and fire. These curtains do not tear and fire in any way. Therefore, these products also take part in providing security in the environment. Due to these features listed in the environments where you use Zip Screen, security will be much easier. If you care about having such features in the curtain you will use, all these details have been considered for you while designing the Zip Screen.

Perfect Designs and Colors


If you are browsing, Zip Screen will definitely catch your attention. While designing the Zip Curtain, it was not thought that a wonder should come out only in terms of design. At the same time, this unique design was requested to provide integrity with the colors used and Zip Curtain designs were created. These emerging designs create a structure that will make you comfortable in all seasons and a visually unique curtain. The comments you will encounter if you buy this curtain and start using it will be enough to reveal how correct you have made. Because anyone who sees the curtain you use will admire these curtains and share this admiration with you.

New Trend

We are very pleased to meet our valued customers with a new trend roller blind and that this curtain is Zip Screen. This train was blowing like a storm in Europe have moved to Turkey also to be happy. But we did not do this migration by buying a curtain type as it is. We have produced one of the best examples of the Zip Screen type in the world and now we offer it for sale. Thanks to this curtain where technology, imagination and the world of design meet, every space, but every space will meet with a new atmosphere and various beauties. Thanks to this curtain that you can use everywhere, you will add a more pleasant atmosphere to your perspective.

In Your Houses, Summer Houses or Hotels ...

With Zip Curtain, which can be used wherever desired, corporate or individual, it is possible to add a beautiful atmosphere to any space… You can benefit from such curtains at your home, at your summer residence and at your hotels. Zip Curtain is a type of curtain that can be useful anywhere as an outdoor roller blind. Zip Curtain, also known as Istanbul Zip Curtain, is one of the most preferred products. There are many reasons why this curtain type is highly preferred. One of these reasons, as we have just stated, is the attitude of this curtain at the point of saving… Zip Curtain provides absolute energy savings in the heating and cooling of the area used. If you want to improve your budget, these curtains will play a role in improving your budget.

Always Protect From Cold and Wind

There is a motorized zipper system. The first point that this special system works is the point where the cold and wind are blocked. You will not be affected by such heavy seasonal conditions thanks to Zip Screen, which is one of the most effective methods of avoiding cold and windy weather. There are also some features in order to provide air circulation in the curtain. The curtain, in which special micro-perforated fabric is used, ensures air circulation at all times thanks to this fabric type and keeps the air in the environment always clean. This curtain, which gives you an advantage in many aspects, does everything in its power to keep the air clean. Users are left with nothing but to buy and use the curtain.

Does not sag and crease

If you want to have it, Zip Curtain stands before you with its non-crease and sag-proof structure. The side stretching system in this curtain always prevents the products from sagging and wrinkling. From the moment you start using this type of curtain, which will always look active and stylish in terms of design, you will see how durable you have received. You will use your curtains for a long time and you will be satisfied with these curtains for a long time.

All together

Zip Curtain carries many features that can be obtained with the help of many tools such as blinds, mosquito nets and roller blinds to the spaces alone. These curtains, which manage to satisfy people in every way with their all-in-one services, meet all the necessary needs. The priority of this curtain type is to provide solar control. While providing solar control, you also have the opportunity to watch outside in a transparent way. From the outside, you can darken the interior and block the viewing angle. These special products, which provide all these features with the maximum level of insulation, have dozens of different, modern, pioneering, useful, unique and attractive features ...

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