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Quilt is one of the most important products of bedroom textiles. However, choosing the right quilt is indispensable for a comfortable and quality sleep. Although choosing the right quilt varies from person to person, it is very important to use a quality quilt. Otherwise, you may not be able to get a quality sleep by waking up frequently, cannot rest, and you may feel tired the next day. You may experience various health problems due to sweating.

Quilt Types

What is meant by quilt types is the classification of the quilt according to the filling material used in it. The filling material determines the quality, price, usage area and type of the quilt. However, you should not forget that each material also has different qualities.

Silk Quilt

Silk quilts are one of the best quality and useful quilt types compared to other quilts. Especially if you have an allergic body, being antiallergic makes your life seriously easier. While sleeping at night, you don't sweat, but you stay warm. One of the biggest advantages of silk quilt models is that no chemicals are used in the materials it contains and that it can be easily washed in the machine.

Wool Quilt

Wool quilts are among the quilt types that have been used frequently since ancient times. Although it is found in almost every home, it is not possible to say that it is very useful. It can irritate the skin. Especially if your skin is sensitive, this issue can be extremely annoying. It does not cool and keeps warm in cold weather, but it causes sweating because it is not breathing. You may encounter various health problems due to sweating. Back pain due to stiffness, etc. Wool quilts do not contain chemicals, but they are difficult to maintain and clean. The wool should be ventilated every 2 years at the most.

Goose Down Quilt

Goose down duvets vary significantly depending on the quality of the quilt. The satisfaction rate also varies according to the quality. You'll be extremely pleased when you choose high quality materials and duvets, these quilts become unbearable in low quality.

Keeping warm feature is very successful; however, it contains chemicals. It can cause you to sweat and cause allergic skin problems. The ease of cleaning may vary depending on the thickness of the duvet used and the climate of your region. In average seasonal temperatures, you can wash a not very thick goose down duvet in the washing machine and let it dry.

Duck Feather Quilt

Duck down duvets are in high demand lately. In terms of material properties, it is similar to goose down duvets. However, the price is higher.

Fiber Quilt

Fiber quilts are among the most preferred quilt types. One of the most important reasons for this is that it is very soft and provides a comfortable sleep. At the same time, it is the most affordable quilt type compared to other quilts.

Unfortunately, chemical substances can be found in fiber duvets. They are not completely natural. They may also not be able to heat sufficiently on extremely cold winter days. If your home is already warm, it is a comfortable quilt type that you can use. However, you can easily choose during the season transitions, in the spring months.

Quilt Models

Quilt models are the separation of quilts according to their size or seasonal period.

Major quilt sizes are as follows;

  • Single quilt
  • Double quilt
  • Oversized duvet
  • Baby quilt

Quilts According to the Season;

  • Summer duvets
  • Winter duvets

Quilt Prices

Quilt prices vary according to the material used in your quilt, the type of fabric, the way of production, and the dimensions.

We have talked about the inner filling material of the quilts so far. However, the outer covering fabrics of the quilts are also important in terms of quilt quality. Duvets with a cotton outer surface will also be better in terms of health. Although 100% cotton coating may cause changes on the price of the quilt, this feature is extremely important.

Wool and fiber quilts are the most affordable quilt models. While prices are increasing in goose down duvets, the highest prices are seen in silk duvets.

Of course, you should consider your budget when deciding on the quilt type; However, no matter which quilt you buy, you should make sure that it is of good quality. Quality quilts will be more advantageous in terms of both price and health in the long run.

Ağol Tekstil Quilt Features

  • Both outer faces are covered with 100% cotton yarn woven fabric,
  • Intermediate filling material supported with lining,
  • It is light, flexible and soft,
  • Terletmez,
  • Washable,
  • Antibacterial,
  • It can be vacuumed.

For more detailed information, you can get information from our e-mail address or phone number.

About us

Established in 2018 in Istanbul, Ağol Tekstil, which has managed to become one of the leading brands in the sector by institutionalizing on the production and wholesale of home textile products, is in constant contact with overseas market chains.

Being among the leading brands in the fields of "home textile and medical textile", which is the main production group of the company, export-oriented activities are carried out. The primary goal of Ağol Tekstil, which continues to work with countries in the Middle East and close geography, especially European countries, is to provide customer satisfaction, quality production, economic products and services to its customers in terms of price / performance and to increase its market share.

Manufacturing and marketing two main sections occurring Agol Textile, not only throughout Turkey, has also managed to become among the best brands on a global level. Providing economic services to everyone, regardless of individual or institutional, in home textile and medical textile fields where the elastic bed sheet comes first, Ağol Tekstil not only keeps pace with the ever-changing and developing world by using its resources in the most efficient way, but also brings a different perspective to the sector with its innovative solutions.

Ağol Tekstil, a member of ITHIB and ITO, makes contract manufacturing for overseas market chains as well as domestic supply chain.


Agol Tekstil

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About The Company


2018 yılında İstanbul’da kurulan ve ev tekstili ürünleri imalatı ile toptan satışı üzerinde kurumsallaşarak sektörde öncü markalar arasında girmeyi başaran Ağol Tekstil, yurt dışı market zincirleri ile devamlı olarak irtibat halindedir.

Firmanın ana üretim grubu olan “Ev tekstili ve medikal tekstil” alanlarında öncü markalar arasında yer alarak, ihracat odaklı faaliyetler sürdürülmektedir. Başta Avrupa ülkeleri olmak üzere Orta Doğu ve yakın coğrafyadaki ülkeler ile çalışmalarına devam eden Ağol Tekstil’in öncelikli hedefi ise müşteri memnuniyeti, kaliteli üretim, ekonomik ürünler ile müşterilere fiyat/performans açısından zengin hizmetler sunmak ve pazar payını artırmaktır.

İmalat ve pazarlama olarak iki ana bölümden meydana gelen Ağol Tekstil, sadece Türkiye çapında değil, aynı zamanda global düzeyde de en iyi markalar arasına girmeyi başarmıştır. Lastikli çarşafın ilk sırada geldiği ev tekstili ve medikal tekstil alanlarında bireysel veya kurumsal fark etmeksizin herkese ekonomik hizmet sunan Ağol Tekstil, kaynaklarını en verimli şekilde kullanarak sürekli değişen ve gelişen dünyaya ayak uydurmakla kalmıyor, aynı zamanda yenilikçi çözümleri ile sektöre farklı bir bakış açısı da getirmektedir.

İTHİB ve İTO üyesi olan Ağol Tekstil, yurt içi tedarik zincirinin yanı sıra belli dönemlerde yurt dışı market zincirleri için de fason üretim yapmaktadır.

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