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Wholesale 925 Silver Seamless Ring | Acha

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Wholesale seamless ring body piercing

- Available in 925 silver, 18kt gold, rose gold nad black plated

- Variety of shapes such as circles and heart shapes, all seamless and suitable for helix or septum piercings

- Decorated with CZ stone, synthetic opal, or small beads


Great selection of wholesale body jewelry and piercing supplies

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Acha Co., Ltd.

Location: Acha Co., Ltd

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About The Company

Acha was established in Bangkok, Thailand in 2001 by a western management team whose goal was to deliver premium Body Jewelry products at fair prices with excellent customer service. 12 years later Acha is a body jewelry industry leader serving clients in more than 50 countries around the world.

The secret to Acha's success begins in the production department where our production team manufactures high quality body jewelry while following strict quality control measures. Their efforts ensure that every client receives high quality Body Jewelry that exceeds the expectations of even our most demanding customers.

At Acha we believe every order deserves personal attention because even the best online shopping system is a poor substitute for our knowledgeable account managers. That is why every Acha client is assigned a dedicated account manager who, in addition to delivering expert product guidance, ensures the order and reorder experience is fast, smooth, and error free.

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