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Walnut Cutting Board 7

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Made of walnut

Ashwood stripped

Antibacterial oil made in Germany

Products are natural wood, so textures may be different



Location: ESENYURT

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About The Company

GNC WOOD DESIGN is located in Istanbul, Turkey, embraces the exquisite artistry of natural wood slabs and designer craftsmanship, perfecting one-of-a kind, impressive, live edge masterpieces.

Many of the live edge wood slabs are indigenous to the surrounding, Black Sea Region, salvaged from old, dying, diseased, hazardous or storm struck timber, giving new life to fallen trees, which would have other wise been discarded.

GNC WOOD DESIGN’s full array of live edge wood slabs, functional art, art pieces, and stunning live edge furniture, are all intricately designed, start to finish, from harvesting, milling, dehumidification, designing through handcrafted fabrication. GNC WOOD DESIGN’s mastery brings the statuesque beauty and serenity of the tree, new life for generations to come.

GNC WOOD DESIGN carefully selects solid wood of Turkey origin. The wood is ‘slow dried’, this is a natural process of drying the wood and takes at least 3 years or professionally kiln dried. Wood is a living natural product and can respond to changes in temperature and humidity by expanding or shrinking. The knots or cracks that can be seen are natural characteristics, not considered errors, or faulty by any means. Each piece of wood is unique in its look and structure, texture and color.

Another aspect that makes every GNC WOOD DESIGN piece unique from the other. At GNC WOOD DESIGN, craftsmanship is paramount to what we do. Every single product is handmade by our highly skilled craftsmen, who take enormous pride in their work.

From aged wood hand-polished to perfection, to sanding and wood staining by hand, every part of the GNC WOOD DESIGN process has a human touch.

Our craftsmen are all experts in their field, and it takes years of training before a craftsman can become part of the GNC WOOD DESIGN family. Craftsmanship like this takes time. A passion for handmade excellence is what makes Huma Concept unlike any other furniture company in the world.

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