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VERMI POWER - Sıvı Solucan Gübresi

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VERMI POWER - Liquid Worm Fertilizer

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It is a rich liquid organic fertilizer containing enzyme blend from worms and beneficial microorganisms. It enables the roots to use the beneficial substances in the soil at the maximum level. Increasing the plant's ability to protect against salinity stress, water stress and root diseases is the most important and superior aspect of the product. Thanks to its enzyme blend, it quickly feeds the plant by making macro and micro nutrients available in the soil that cannot be used by the plant. It is a source of mineralized organic matter. It regulates the structure of the soil. It is a biological stimulant that activates the soil and the plant. It is both a good fertilizer and a good soil conditioner and improvement input. It provides quality, aroma, earliness and shelf life in the crop. It is suitable for application from soil and / or leaves. It is given through the soil and / or leaves at appropriate periods during the plant growth period.


Solitera Bio&Organic Fertilizers

Location: Bursa

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About The Company

SOLITERA offers restorative agricultural solutions and we are constantly updating our research and development efforts for agricultural continuity and sustainability in the categories of soil and plant nutrition, plant development regulation with new generation liquid, solid and micronized products that will respond to all fields of agricultural production, especially in good-agriculture and organic farming.

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