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Application basics


Make sure that the headboard is straight. If not, the gutter scoops will need to be assembled in alignment (flush). Determine where the vertical fittings will be placed. Plan a descent every 15 meters. 20 mm from each vertical groove. Leaving allowances, locate the low and high points along the headboard to place the groove scoops. Using 3 screws to each trough scoop, mount two trough scoops one at the highest and lowest points. Draw a line from the top of the highest gutter bucket to the top of the lowest gutter bucket. If the horizontal length of the roof is more than 7 meters, the gutter bucket on the centerline should be installed. Gutter ladles 900 mm. intervals, 600 mm in snowy areas. Using screws at intervals, mount it on the rope.


Cut the two groove pieces as in the figure on the right. Assemble both parts to groove ladles. Silicone all edges and overlaps. Assemble the groove parts together with 3 rivets on the inside and two rivets on the outside as seen on the side. Silicone all rivet heads and joints


Cut and prepare the groove pieces to be joined. Silicone overlap places. The groove bucket cut the passing part and cut 40 mm on each other. slide it in to get on. In addition, each groove should be riveted on the next two groove scoops from both ends. All rivets

must be siliconized.


Outer corner turn pieces should be cut and prepared as shown. Attach the two cut groove pieces to the groove bucket. 20 mm to all joints. Silicone it through and gently push the parts inward so that they fit together. Rivet as shown. Silicone all joints.


Determine the place where the vertical downpipe will be connected and mark the place where the hole will be drilled. Drill a hole in the center of the marked place and remove the piece with tin scissors up to the specified limits. Mount the vertical fittings as shown on the left and silicone all over the overlaps. Rivet all overlap places. Throw two rivets in each bin. Silicone all overlaps and rivets. Cut the groove piece with the vertical connector mounted as shown on the right.


Gutter ends are closed as shown on the right. All overlaps are siliconized throughout. It is riveted as on the side. All overlaps and rivets are siliconed.








The colors above are very close to the real ones, you can examine the products in our showrooms.

Ildızoluk System has clean, smooth lines. It is a fast and effective rainwater drainage system. It has many advantages over zinc and plastic gutters.


Colored rolls are shaped and produced by ILDIZ. Both sides of these steel coils are covered with a primer layer that provides high corrosion protection. Then both sides are painted with baked paint.

Outer surface of the grooves; It is covered with a thick layer of plastic film to prevent damage during production and application. This layer of plastic film should be removed after the gutter assembly process is completed. It is recommended to use grooves made of "Colorsteel VP" type steel in seaside areas. This steel is also covered with a vinyl-based thick layer that provides high corrosion protection.


It is recommended to wash the painted surfaces periodically for maintenance. Particular attention should be paid to washing surfaces that are not washed by rainwater. Dirty surfaces can be washed with warm detergent water. Inside of horizontal and vertical grooves should be kept clean.


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1991 yılında Türkiye piyasasına ilk defa metal kiremiti getiren firmayız.13 yıl ithal ettikten sonra tamamen yerli ve milli teknolojiyle Türkiye'de üretime başladık.16 yıldır ,başarılı bir şekilde yurt içinde 100 adet bayi ve yurt dışında 30 adet distribütörümüzle ürünlerimizin satışını gerçekleştirmekteyiz. Ürünlerimiz ; 1) ILDIZBOND METAL KİREMİT : üzeri granül taş kaplı metal kiremit 2)ILDIZBOARD EPS ISI YALITIM PANELİ: metal kiremitle uyumludur, hem ısı yalıtımı hem de metal kiremitin üzerinde rahat yürümenizi sağlar. Detaylı bilgiye adresinden ulaşabilirsiniz

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