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Truffle Kutu Dizme Sistemi

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Truffle Box Stacking System

Box sorting system is an industrial solution designed for efficient box filling and packaging. The system consists of three tables, a conveyor whose movement speed can be adjusted according to the steps in the system and 12 micro roll conveyors. The starting part of the system is the table with empty boxes. Since the products to be lined up in boxes are of three different types, one type of product is first placed in the boxes and then the conveyor unit is delivered to the other loading unit so that the other type of product can be put. Meanwhile, while the product is fed from the right side on the micro roll conveyors, the empty molds are transferred to the conveyor on the left. The remaining 8 micro roll conveyors carry the products to be boxed. Three of the empty molds carry the remaining eight micro roll conveyor box lids. After three different products are placed in the boxes, the lids of the boxes are attached. In the last part, filled and closed boxes are kept. From here, ribbon is tied to the boxes that pass to the side table.


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