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Chicken Slaughterhouse and Processing Facilities

The world population, which has increased rapidly especially after the 1950s, has exceeded 7.5 billion in 2019. The biggest problem brought about by this increase is nutrition and food problem. Chicken meat plays an important role in solving this problem. The amount of chicken produced in the world has approached 110 million tons annually. After 2020, it is expected to be the most produced meat type in the world.

The high consumption demand and the continuous increase in the production amounts have led to the development of industrial cutting and packaging facilities. Cantek to meet the needs on time; It offers turnkey industrial cutting and processing plant projects where technological, fast, efficient and automation systems are at the forefront. In addition to these, we also have mobile slaughterhouse projects.

Cantek; aims to carry the user to high success by developing modern, technological, environmentally friendly and efficient chicken facilities with innovative, sustainable and user-specific solutions.

Having strong know-how and production flexibility in industrial chicken slaughtering and processing facilities, CANTEK

  • Project consultancy
  • Slaughterhouse equipment manufacturing
  • Maintenance / assembly
  • It provides overhaul and spare parts services. In addition, it adds great efficiency to the business with its cooling technology that saves up to 71% energy. Cantek is able to produce local and fast solutions according to all possible service and facility development needs with its specially trained administrative and technical teams.
  • Halal cutting machine or manual cutting
  • Automatic / manual evisceration line
  • Water cooling / air cooling
  • Cantek, which brings the most suitable solutions to all services such as Chopping / Sorting / Packaging, has international experience in the establishment of chicken slaughterhouses and chicken processing facilities. It offers project planning, production, assembly, service, warranty and remote monitoring services from a single source.


Cantek Mühendislik Tasarım A.Ş.

Location: Antalya

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About The Company


CANTEK is food storage and processing specialist for 29 years, in 62 countries, with more than 13.000 projects completed successfully. We produce with high technology and quality all the equipments (40.000m2 production area) and realize turnkey cold storage and slaughterhouse / meat processing (red meat, poultry, fish) projects worldwide.

We are offering complete solutions including project developing, production of all equipments, facility installation, service, warranty, remote controlling and managing systems. In addition, we provide saving in energy consumption up to %71.

We think that it is a right for all humanity to reach healthy, economic, various and sustainable food. That is why, our corporate philosophy is to develop innovative solutions to provide food security.

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