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Tandem Trailer

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CHASSIS: ST52 main frame in accordance with EU 53-62 Standards.

AXLE GROUP: 11 – tonner 2 pcs R:17,5” European Brand (SAF HOLLAND) or Turkish Brand.

SUSPENSION: Air Suspension.

TIRES AND RIMS: Tire options suitable for 17,5” rims

ELECTRICAL SYSTEM: 24 V Electrical system in accordance with European Standards.

BRAKE SYSTEM: EBS brake system (2S/2M) in conformity with 71 /320 / EWG or ECE R 13 Regulations.

RAMPS: Hydraulic or manual operated ramps with appropriate dimensions according to the customers’ preferences.

TANDEM: Made from ST52 reinforced steel, mounted to chassis and front wall, with 50mm eye and can be adjusted in mechanical system.

LANDING GEAR: 650 mm mechanical landing leg.


GROSS WEIGHT: 23.000 Kgs

NET WEIGHT: 5.000 Kgs


Painting or galvanizing options are available according to the customers’ requests.

Main chassis and entire vehicle will be painted in paint oven as Washing + Sandblasting + two coat epoxy primer + two coat acrylic paint.

WHEEL CHOCK: Plastic (2 Pcs).

TOOL BOX: Plastic (2 Pcs, Lockable).

FENDER: Plastic Fenders.

REFLECTORS: 42x42mm 

Reflectors and anti-spray mud laps in accordance with European Standards.

RAMPS: Sliding of ramps inside and outside, foldable ramps.

GALVANIZATION: The chassis and superstructure are immersed in the liquid zinc pool at 450 degrees C and the whole surface is covered with zinc. It provides protection against rusting and corrosion between 30 and 40 years by galvanizing.

Measurements of vehicle can be designed within min./max. values in accordance with customers’ requirements.


Location: Konya

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About The Company

SCORPION TRAILER was established in 2009 as a maintenance service provider for and maintenance works of the superstructure vehicles. With this motivation, it began to provide quality service to the sector by employing trained staff on an area of 500 square meters.

“Full Customer Satisfaction'' policy was successfully implemented and highly appreciated by clients and the company decided to shift this policy to the production line of those vehicles. Since 2017, Scorpion Trailer has been acting as a manufacturer of Lowbed Semi-Trailers, Trailers, Flatbed chassis, Container chassis and Tipper trailers.

With 100% of own capital and well trained white-blue collar staff, the company has improved in a short while and now it is serving in 7.000 sqm closed/13.000 sqm open/20.000 sqm total area in Konya Organized Industrial Zone.  All of the units manufactured are certificated.

s Scorpion Trailer, we wish to improve customer satisfaction, create a new & stable structure, at the same time to be the first choice of customers with our business types, solutions and high work ethic, and to maximize customer satisfaction by providing professional and quality services.

We are also seeking for having a voice in the national and international arena with our growing and increasing exports at the level of 30% every year. We endeavor to become a reliable and leading company by researching, innovating, doing their job best and quality, trying to offer competitive & best prices, and creating a portfolio full of happy customers.

As Scorpion Trailer, we intend to make our brand a world’s leading brand by renewing and developing ourselves constantly on the strength of “Stronger, More Dynamic and More Advanced” policy which comes to mind first when touched on trailers. Establishing dealerships all around the world, mainly in Europe, and growing even more are in our future goals.

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