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Tall Wheel Nut Indicators

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Tall Wheel Nut Indicators

Wheel Nut Indicators are used extensively by the road haulage industry as a visual safety aid for enhanced fleet safety. The indicators clearly identify when a wheel nut has loosened allowing remedial action to be taken before a failure occurs. Wheel Nut indicator Towers are used when the wheel nut is recessed. The indicators are manufactured to the highest quality using impact co-polymer polypropylene, which gives excellent rigidity and high impact resistance. The melting point has been engineered to 120 °C, deforming when excessive heat is transferred from the wheel/hub and they’re designed and manufactured entirely in the Turkey.
Current sizes available include (in mm): 32, 33.

We can wholesale all over the world.


Adres: Mimar Sinan Mah. Yedpa Ticaret Merkezi G Caddesi Asma Kat No:294

Ataşehir Istanbul Turkiye

Telefon: +90 216 459 7766


  • Ticari Ünvan: Boğaç Dış Ticaret ve İnternet Hizmetleri Limited Şirketi
  • Vergi Dairesi: Kozyatağı
  • Vergi No: 1790721968
  • Mersis: 0179072196800001
  • İş Bankası IBAN: TR43 0006 4000 0011 0910 7298 10
  • QNB Finansbank IBAN: TR77 0011 1000 0000 0076 3138 72

Boğaç Dış Ticaret ve İnternet Hizmetleri Ltd. Şti

Location: İstanbul

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