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Gonultaş Texstil founded in 1998 in Istanbul by Selahattin Gonultas. Our brands MissPrimax and Lira Orfeo, assuming the representative of a philosophy than a brand. The variety of products, to meet all the needs of children between the ages of 0-16 age. Collection efforts are continuing in this direction.
Gonultas tekstil's first company principle is to manufacture modern products with best quality at reasonable price.Our collection composed of a wide product range, which is designed to satisfy the needs of children.
Quality is one of the basic tenets of our company. In our production we overrate to use healthy and basic materials that are compatible with international quality standards.
This sensitivity progresses was given through the whole process of our production.
Customer satisfaction is another important tenet of Gonultas Tekstil. With the power we gain from our customers, we will continue to expand our labor field each year.
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