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About The Company

About TradeValley

TradeValley is a group company which has been established to develop international B2B trade and to provide add value to the Turkish economy. In our online e-commerce platform, our principal purpose is fast and reliable trade. TradeValley brings together the suppliers and manufacturers in Turkey with buyer companies around the world in a quick and effortless way. While opening the doors of global trade, the international commercial associations you build via TradeValley gives you the golden key to earn more.

What does TradeValley do?

Through an online trading platform and within the scope of International Trade Law, TradeValley aims to offer an all-in-one e-commerce platform for buyers and suppliers around the world to help its clients to do fast and reliable global business. Within this wholesale-oriented platform, you can find manufacturer and trader companies along with all the essential solution partners of online global trade such as translation support, logistics services, law firms, and inspection companies. While purchasing through TradeValley, buyer companies not only may choose any logistics company they prefer but also may benefit from the inspection services during their purchasing process. Buyer companies may send a request for proposal to supplier companies, in line with their requirements. TradeValley provides translation service in 5 different languages including Turkish, English, Arabic, Russian and German. As for the payment infrastructure between sellers and buyers, TradeValley has an advanced payment system named “Secure Trade” that protects buyer & seller rights and holds security certificates at an international level for a trustworthy trade.

Why TradeValley?

As well as providing a fast and reliable trade to sellers and buyers, TradeValley also stands as a true solution partner with its after-sales operation services. While forming a contract with the solution partners according to International Trade Law, taking due precautions and providing Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) services through inspection companies, TradeValley works with the best logistics companies varying by region and countries and offers you a transparent payment service.

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