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STICK TİP - Tam Otomatik Paketleme Makinesi

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STICK TYPE - Fully Automatic Packaging Machine

Machine type: Stick Type Fully Automatic Packaging Machine
The product to be packaged in the machine: Instant coffee powder mixture (3 in one)
Technical features of the machine:
Filling Unit: Screw. Since instant coffee is affected by humidity in the air, a screw filling system has been considered. A single screw filling unit will be used and a 2-line filling will be made with the addition of a trouser.
Working speed: 80 bags / minute. (2-line filling)
Bag width: max 35mm. Standard (fixed) will be for one size as per request.
Bag size: min 60mm - max 130mm. It has mechanical and photocell adjustment.
Packaging materials to be used in the machine: Aluminum foil, metallized.

Stick type Fully Automatic Packaging Machine for granulated sugar
The product to be packaged in the machine: Salt, Granulated sugar.
Filling Unit: volumetric (4 lines)
Bag width: 15mm fixed.
Bag size: 60-120mm. Length adjustment is mechanical and photocell adjustment.
Gramaj range: 4-6 gr.
Working speed: 160 bags / minute. (4-line filling system)
Packaging materials to be used in the machine: Sulphite paper, coated + PE and special orders OPP, OPP + PE, aluminum foil.

All surfaces touched by the product to be packaged will be made of stainless steel, other chassis parts will be made of oven painted normal steel.

about us

ERPAKSAM MACHINERY INDUSTRIAL & TRADE CO. is a Turkish company located in Istanbul TURKEY at 1.500 m2 closed production plant and dedicated for manufacturing Fully Automatic Horizontal and Vertical type sachet forming, filling and packaging machines for food, cosmetics, chemicals, agricultural fertilizer, drugs,.. etc granules, powders or liquids.


Address Ömerli Mevkii Adnan Kahveci Cad. KOSKOOP San. Sit. 3.Cad. No: 15 34870
Hadimkoy / ISTANBUL
phone + 90 ( 212 ) 798 26 22-23
fax + 90 ( 212 ) 798 26 21


Erpaksam Makine sanayi VeTicaret Ltd.Şti

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