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Product Description

SOMAFIX Polyurethane Foam Cleaner is used for cleaning all polyurethane based chemicals, more effective if used before curing. Prolongs life of the gun if used properly and timely and removes polyurethane residues.

Application area:

Used for cleaning foam gun as well as those places where foam has contaminated unintentionally.

Instructions for use:

Shake the can strongly before use. Tightly secure to can onto gun. Trigger the gun until cleaner gets out of the gun. The residue can also be cleaned before curing. Unsecure and remove the can from the gun. Use gloves and protective glasses during application. Can be used in all positions. Particularly designed for cleaning the foam gun. Actuator is included for removing the foam from the gun adapter.

Shelf Life:

36 months. Production date is on the can.


Kind: 500 ML
Application Temperature:
0ºC / +35ºC
Strage Temperature:
0ºC / +30ºC
Solvent Mixture


Location: İSTANBUL

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About The Company

Company Description

Soma Kimya brings a new look and a fresh breath to Construction Chemicals industry with its amateur spirit and comprehension of professionalism.

High quality and customer satisfaction is our main priority in business. Therefore, we keep improving product quality and being innovative.

Soma Kimya is aware of the importance of R&D studies for manufacturers, continues to invest ,makes own laboratory studies while following international developments. Soma Kimya’s R & D department ensures the standardization of offered products to industry and increase quality, continue research and development activities.

Soma Kimya increases its production quality in lights of scientific and technological everyday.

Developing innovative products and solutions to meet the needs of our professional and individual consumers while continuing our R & D activities,

Moving the quality and performance of our existing products further day by day.
To produce environmentally friendly products and solutions. Contributing to the quality of life is based on articles.


  • Address: Hadımkoy Mah. Alparslan Sok. No.10 Arnavutkoy - Istanbul - Turkey
  • Phone: +90 212 771 15 52
  • Fax: +90 212 771 39 34
  • E-Mail:
  • WhatsApp: +905325112547
  • WeChat ID: SomaKimya

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