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Cooling Units

Cooling units are machines that provide the needed air conditioning conditions. The cooling units of a simple refrigerator and a large industrial cold storage work with the same cooling principle. This principle is to take heat from one source and transfer it to another. The cooling world has always tried to offer higher performance and quality cooling units to the users over the years, thanks to the developing technologies. At the point we have reached today, the most important elements of correct cooling are correct engineering focused on the product to be maintained, user benefit and efficiency.

Cantek, which produces Carbon Dioxide, Ammonia, Glycol, Propane and Freon cooling units, provides the most suitable machine configuration.

In refrigeration units, the correct machine configuration is as important as the quality and performance of the machines. Cantek produces state-of-the-art cooling units that work with Freon, Ammonia, Carbon Dioxide, Glycol and Propane refrigerants thanks to its high production power. In addition, Cantek is very effective in guiding the user correctly with its experienced project team consisting of expert engineers and working to develop the most suitable solution for user demands. It makes deep analysis according to the user's expectations, the characteristics of the products to be stored, and the geographical features of the region where the warehouse is located. The user always;

  • It will realize the best quality cooling
  • It will bring the most favorable investment cost
  • Will provide the most efficient and beneficial solution

presents the cooling unit. Cantek has fit nearly 2,000 different cooling units in its product range to cover all possible demands of users regarding cooling. It manufactures and installs suitable cooling devices to answer every alternative, from the smallest cold room to huge industrial cooling facilities. It provides the most beneficial solution to the users with a quality understanding above the world standards in the fields of cool preservation, cold preservation, frozen preservation, dual regime preservation, heated refrigerated storage and freezing. In addition, thanks to its technology that saves energy up to 71%, it significantly reduces operating costs.

There are 3 main units in cooling systems.


It is the unit that compresses the refrigerant and transmits it to the system. Compressors in Cantek's product range:

  • Reciprocating compressor (semi-hermetic compressor, hermetic compressor and open type compressor)
  • Scroll compressor
  • Screw compressor

It is the outdoor unit that expels the heat from the cooled area out of the system. Condensers in Cantek's product range:

  • Air cooled condenser, water cooled condenser, evaporative condenser
  • Freon condensers, carbon dioxide condensers, ammonia condensers, glycol condensers, propane condensers

It is the indoor unit that transfers the heat in the area to be cooled through the refrigerant and performs the cooling process. Evaporators in Cantek's product range:

  • Ceiling type evaporators, wall type evaporators
  • Standard evaporators, double blow evaporators
  • Horizontal evaporator, vertical evaporator
  • Frozen room evaporators, cold room evaporators, cool room evaporators, shock chamber evaporators
  • Freon evaporator, carbon dioxide evaporator, ammonia evaporator, glycol evaporator, propane evaporator
  • Split system cooling units: Systems where a separate cooling group is used for each cold room.
  • Central system cooling units: Systems where a cooling group feeds many cold rooms
  • Monoblog system cooling units: Systems in which the condenser and the evaporator are in a single blog The selection of the cooling system and the cooling units to be used is shaped according to the structure of the cold storage facility, the type of cold rooms, the products to be stored, the user's expectations and the refrigerant to be used. Cantek develops the most suitable solution for the user in all possible combinations; It designs, manufactures, installs, provides warranty and service, and provides follow-up.


Cantek Mühendislik Tasarım A.Ş.

Location: Antalya

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About The Company


CANTEK is food storage and processing specialist for 29 years, in 62 countries, with more than 13.000 projects completed successfully. We produce with high technology and quality all the equipments (40.000m2 production area) and realize turnkey cold storage and slaughterhouse / meat processing (red meat, poultry, fish) projects worldwide.

We are offering complete solutions including project developing, production of all equipments, facility installation, service, warranty, remote controlling and managing systems. In addition, we provide saving in energy consumption up to %71.

We think that it is a right for all humanity to reach healthy, economic, various and sustainable food. That is why, our corporate philosophy is to develop innovative solutions to provide food security.

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