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They are products obtained by rolling hot rolled and pickled steels. It can be produced in the range of 0.23-2.50 mm thickness. Cold rolled products can meet the different expectations and demands of our customers operating in the industrial field.


Cold rolled low carbon steels; It is used in areas where strength, toughness and ductility are together, such as the automotive industry, white goods, radiator, ventilation equipment manufacturing. Materials in this group are also suitable for processes such as hot dip galvanizing, phosphating, painting, and electrolytic coatings.


Low alloy high strength steels have higher strength and impact resistance than low carbon steels. Due to these properties, they are used in the production of support and fasteners in the automotive industry. In addition, due to their high strength values, they can be used in thinner thicknesses. With these features, they provide lightness and savings in buildings.


Enamel steels with deep drawability are suitable for single or double layer coating and firing after rolling. These materials include pots, mini ovens and grills, etc. It can be used in manufacturing.



Our cold rolled products can be produced in the following shape and structure.

It is supplied in annealed or full-hard form.

Roll (with cut or uncut edges) Sliced roll With paint cut (with or without edges cut)


Unless otherwise specified, thickness, width and length values Coil inner diameter optionally 508 or 610 mm (± 10 mm)

Surface Protection:

Oiling (O): The protective oil on the product surface is in the following ratios (two surfaces in total). Normal lubrication values are applied unless otherwise specified. Special, low-fat, heavy-fat requests can be considered subject to negotiation. Low Oil: 800 mg / m2

Normal Oil: 1600 mg / m2

Heavy Oil: 2400 mg / m2

The warranty period against corrosion in cold products with at least "normal oiled" surface preserved is 6 months from the date of ready notification. Gazi Metal does not recommend cold products with oil-free or less oil than normal surface. Gazi Metal will not be responsible for the risk of corrosion that may occur on the surface if a product without surface protection or low oil is requested. Gazi Metal is not responsible for the corrosion risk that may occur due to storage and shipment not caused by Gazi Metal.

Surface quality:

A surface quality is provided according to EN 10130 standard.

Imperfections that do not affect the shaping and surface coating such as pores, slightly sunken, small marks, minor scratches and light discoloration are allowed.

Surface View

The product surface can be shiny, semi-gloss, normal or rough in appearance. Unless otherwise stated, the product surface looks normal. Other roughness values are subject to discussion.

Surface appearance and roughness values:

Surface View


Roughness Value Cut Off: 0.8 mm



Ra ≤ 0.40 m

Semi Gloss


Ra ≤ 0.90 m



0.6 μm <Ra ≤ 1.9 μm



Ra> 1.6 μm



Our cold products are suitable for standard welding processes.

Suitable for surface coating:

Our cold products are mostly designed in accordance with metallic or organic coating or other coating methods by hot dip or electrolytic methods.




Location: Kocaeli

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About The Company


Kökleri 1927 yılına dayanan Gazi Metal, yıllar içinde her zaman kalitenin, yeniliğin ve sürdürülebilirliğin markası olmayı başarmıştır.

1927 - Aile büyükleri, Kayseri ve Mersin’de demir-çelik ithalatına başladı. İç piyasada, ithal ettikleri malzemelerin ticaretini yapmaya başladılar.


1967 - Demir Sac Galvaniz Tic. San. A.Ş. Çayırova/Gebze kurularak Galvaniz Sac imalatına başlandı. Türkiye’nin özel sektördeki ilk galvanizleme hattı kuruldu.


1987 - Gazi Metal Mamulleri San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şirketi, Karaköy/İstanbul’da çelik ticaretine başladı.


1998 - Hollanda firması Ferco BV ile ortak olarak Ferga Metal Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. adı altında çelik servis merkezi kuruldu.


2001 - Ferco BV, hisselerini Türk ortaklarına devretti.


2004 - Gazi Metal Mamulleri A.Ş. bugünkü şirket yapısına kavuştu. Soğuk haddeleme tesisleri projesiyle ilgili araştırma çalışmaları başladı.


2008 - Soğuk haddelenmiş sac üretecek soğuk haddeleme tesislerinin kurulması kararı alındı. Mühendislik çalışmalarına ve yer araştırmalarına başlandı.


2009 - Karasu/Sakarya Organize sanayi bölgesi, soğuk haddeleme tesislerinin kuruluş yeri olarak seçildi.


2011 - Alman SMS firması ile teknoloji ve komple tesis satın alma anlaşması yapıldı.


2013 - Karasu’da montaj işlemleri başladı.


2014 - Karasu tesisleri, ülkemizin 5. soğuk haddeleme tesisi olarak üretime başladı. İlk rulo, 13 Ağustos 2014’te üretildi.


2015 - Deneme üretimleri ve kalite çalışmaları tamamlandı.


2016 - Üretime geçildi.

2018 - İhracat'ta Türkiye oldu.

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