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Snacks Vending Machine Midi Buffet Slim-Line

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Product Description

A next generation vending machine with innovative platform and engineering so as to providing maximum operating efficiency and flexibility.

Excellent capacity for smaller locations with base stand or can be wall-mounted

International norms, In conformity with CE Norms and produced under ISO 9001: 2015 QMS.

16-bit high performance Micro-processor controlled, EVA-DTS, MDB- Executive protocols supported

Compatible with all currencies

Multi-Selection Snack Vending Machine with Product Display Window

Adjustable Illumination

User Friendly Graphical LCD

Guaranteed vending, happy customers!! Prevents failure vends by latest IR sensing technology which guarantees customers the product or cash return

Easy Product Loading

Capacitive Touch Keypad with Anti-Vandalism Weatherproof Metallic Keypad for Outdoor applications (Optional)

Real Time Time/Date Function Enabling Timetable Pricing (Happy Hours)

Effective Electronic thermostat controlled energy efficient cooling feature providing long product life (Cooling Optional)

Preset timetabled Power Saving Mode with programmable low temperature level

Optional LCD for Digital Advertisement

User Friendly Customer Interface and Control Menu

High storage capacity EEPROM for storage of settings and statistics, 8 Mbit Flash Memory to keep LOG info

GSM/GPRS Web Based Remote Access and Data Transfer (Telemetry) - Optional

Remote Data Transmission to PC via RS232 cable connection interface for Master-Slave Operation(Optional)

Firmware Update Availability with Boot-loader for GPRS Modem Equipped Machines

BITE (Built-in Test Equipment) automatically Fixing problems and/or Warning Messages on LCD and error data in memory

Enhanced Motor Control System enabling detailed functional control

Data Transmission to USB Flash Memory with USB Host Mode (Optional)

Adjustable Tray Selections enabling Production as per Customers requisites

Compact Design Slim Line Small Location Vending Machine

Easy Selection Pricing Feature.

4 Digit PIN Code and 2-level password (Admin/Operator)Protected Menu Entry

Large Dispensing Hole (140 mm) and Self Locking Swinging Product Dispensing Slot

Corrosion-resistant production material

Robust Steel Cabinet

Project based quantity orders for custom made special vendors

Battery Operated/Low Power Main Board:

Fully Microprocessor Controlled MDB and EXECUTIVE protocols supporting Change Giver, Coin Selector, Bill Validator and Cashless Payment Systems.

Wake Up from Sleep Mode when Coin Inserted with its advanced Low Power MDB System Special Payment Systems and Electronic Circuitry

Maximum 14 Selections

Ensures reliable operation with IR Product Sensor

Graphical LCD

Real Time Time/Date Function Enabling Timetable Pricing

User Friendly Customer Interface and Control Menu

High storage capacity EEPROM

Very High Speed XLP (Extra Low Power) 8-bit Processor to ensure Low Consumption

Software for PC enabling Statistical Analysis at your office and storage of data on your PC

GSM/GPRS Remote Access and Data Transfer (Telemetry) - Optional

Min. 150mW Consumption during operation enabling long battery operation 20mW Consumption during Sleep Mode Operation.

30 Days Operation Cycle on 7500mAh Battery with 10% Wake Up Ratio

BITE (Built-in Test Equipment) automatically Fixing problems and/or Warning Messages on LCD and Collecting data on erroneous sales.



10 SELECTIONS!!                TOUCH KEYPAD







With cooling:

220 V AC +/- %10 - 50 Hz

Without cooling:

90-260 V AC -50-60-Hz


22 x 82 x 125 cm

With cooling:

Gross Weight:  50 Kg


Location: MENA

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About The Company

About Us

Elektral® Inc. has been established in 1978 by Mr Sayil Dincsoy (M.Sc.) with the support of DPT (The Government Planning Organisation) and operates in an enclosed production area of 20.000 sqm. Elektral manufactures. Vending Machines and Security Metal Detector products. About 65% of its production is exported to more than 60 countries around the world with our investments and employment opportunities we are the leading Security and Vending Industry Company in Turkey. Elektral® Inc. has been awarded No:1 Company as the Shining Stars of the Turkish Export Community with its Metal Detector Exports Worldwide. EBSO (Aegean Region Chamber of Industry) has also honoured our company on our 25'th anniversary by awarding us with the Highest Employment Growth Ratio amongst the electronic equipment manufacturers.

Elektral® factory is equipped with Automatic Conveyor Belts, Metal and Plastic foaming stations ,High Quality Machinery (Fiber Laser Cutter, Robot Welding, CNC Punch), R&D Engineering Team, IT Team for software programming, PCB design team and Total Quality Management. We have invested heavily in establishing a world-class group of R&D teams and facilities in Izmir (Turkey) to create innovative and profitable next generation products for international markets.

Security Metal Detectors:

ThruScan® Metal Detectors" have been announced "The Best Deal" at the leading Middle East Security Exhibition INTERSEC in Dubai-UAE. ThruScan® Metal Detectors have gained great Worldwide Reputation and Impressive References with the high quality and up to date technical features. With our OEM production for some of the World's famous Metal Detector Distributors in EUROPE, our products are being sold worldwide. Our production is in conformance with NILECJ 0601 American Standards, complies with CE Norms and is being produced under ISO 9001:2015 QMS procedures. Walk-Through Metal Detector References worldwide such as various British Consulates, Japanese Consulates, Turkish, Russian and Bulgarian Consulates, Prime Ministries of Turkey, India, Singapore and Bulgaria, Ministry of Home Affairs of Bulgaria, Jailhouses in Israel, Poland, UAE and Macedonia, airport authority of Frankfurt, Queen Alia-Jordan, Karachi-Pakistan, Erbil-Iraq, Turkish Presidential Residence, Pakistan and Moldova Presidential Residences, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Defence and various Military Bases in Turkey. You can request our References List.

Elektral belongs in the top 3 Security Metal Detector manufacturers that can produce the most advanced Walk Through Metal Detector (WTMD) Hand Held Metal Detector (HHMD) and has achieved a number of awards. Our metal detectors operate with DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology and VLF (Very Low Frequency). Elektral produces Security Walk Through Metal Detectors under the brand ThruScan with 7 different models of WTMD's and 4 different models of HHMD's.

ThruScan® sX-i model has successfully passed ECAC tests and is a WTMD which carries out its tasks smoothly in many airports throughout the World. The product strides ahead of competitors in Price / Performance ratio. The level of sensitivity in ThruScan® dX-X HHMD has not been achieved in any other HHMD in the World. ThruScan Security Metal detectors are being produced to be competitive not only with the leading companies of the EU and US but also with Far East origin models.

Elektral A.S contributes to the International Security Defence sector with intensive R&D activities on Walk-Through & Hand-Held Metal Detectors production for sustainable growth. We are dedicated to manufacturing top quality high-tech products ahead of the global competition.

Vending Machines:

Due to the increasing demand for Tru-VEND vending machines, Elektral has expanded the ongoing operation in its recently acquired additional factory-space in Izmir Ataturk Industrial Zone. The new set-up consists of CAD/CAM, sheet metal processing, polyurethane foam injection, electronics assembly area, new conveyed production line, end-quality testing and Research & Development area enabling the production of new high-quality robust vending machines from the primary input of metal sheets in a matter of minutes!

Some examples of our innovative vending machines arePPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Vending Machine, Mobile Accessories Vending Machine - Mobiloso, Flat Shoe Vending Machine, Electronic Box Vending Machine, Condom / Pad Vending Machine, Coin Operated Timer Machine, Bread (Bakery) Vending Machine, Money Changer and Card Recharging Machine, Mini Changer, Newspaper Vending Machine, Supplement Protein Vending Machine, Book Vending Machine, Maxi Buffet with Touch Screen, Mobile Vending Shop, Ice Cream VendingMachine, Aqua-Bus Water Vending Machine being the latest innovation.

Elektral has established a ten-years plan to be one of the top 100 companies of the region and a World Brand in ‘Vending Machines’ manufacturing.


  • Izmir Ataturk Industrial Zone M. Kemal. Ataturk Blv. No: 23-25 Cigli, 35620 Izmir / Turkey
  • +90 232 376 7300
  • +90 232 376 7030

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