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SIEMENS 6ES7235-0KD22-0XA0 Analog I/O Module

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The important role of products 

Improve efficiency and optimize plant operations;
Emission reduction and avoid unplanned downtime;
Provides the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO);
Provides integrated control, power, safety, and information solutions
for complete plant-wide control in a scalable;
Open architecture to take advantage of traditional or renewable sources
of energy!



We have everything you need

Bentley Nevada :

1) Bently 3500 Monitoring system

2) Bently 3300 Monitoring system

Schneider Modicon Quantum :

1) Quantum 140 series : Modicon M340

2) Modicon Premium : CPU Processor Module, Communication module,etc

Emerson Ovation :

1) Ovation System DCS Card

2) DeltaV Dual Channel Redundancy Safety System, Redundancy Controller

General Electric GE :

1) IS200/DS200 series Excitation system card

2) IC693/IC695/IC697/IC698/IC200/IC660/IC670 CPU module,

Communication module, Analog Digital module

Triconex Card : Tricon System Card

Foxboro : I/A Series System Module

etc ... ...


Spare parts specialists in industrial automation

1.Professional : Solid business organization, well-trained engineers.
2.International : Global network of partners and preferred suppliers.
3.Inventory : A large number of new and discontinued parts with a
wide range of brand names.
4.Economic benefits : competitive prices and Specific distributor discounts.
5.Reliability : Each product is tested and guaranteed for at least 12 months.
6.Speed : Rapid response, efficient delivery.



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Siemens / Germany

Siemens 6AV6647-0AB11-3AX0
Siemens 6AV2123-2GB03-0AX0
Siemens 6ES7315-2EH14-0AB0
Siemens 6GK7343-1CX10-0XE0
Siemens 6ES7322-1BL00-0AA0
Siemens 6ES7307-1EA01-0AA0
Siemens 6ES7332-5HF00-0AB0
Siemens 6ES7331-7NF00-0AB0
Siemens 6ES7326-2BF01-0AB0
Siemens 6ES7336-4GE00-0AB0
Siemens 6ES7326-1BK02-0AB0
Siemens 6ES7214-1AG40-0XB0
Siemens 6ES7951-0KE00-0AA0
Siemens 6GK7443-1EX30-0XE0
Siemens 6AV6643-0CD01-1AX1
Siemens 6AV6545-0CC10-0AX0


Amikong DCS

Location: XIAMEN

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