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Our company, which takes its place in the sector with the production of spare parts for flat knitting machines,Since 1997, it has been responding to the most basic needs of the textile knitwear industry.

Our company, which is a close follower of technology and the sector, has taken serious steps to become one of the companies that direct the sector with its production in its own facilities.

With the technology it has developed, it produces fast, error-free and at international standards.




FirmIz Shima Seiki & Cms Stoll flat knitting machines since 1997Ispare partsIand supplies supplies.

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Aldemir tekstil Makine Sanayi ve ticaret Limited Şti

Location: Turkia

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About The Company

About Us

Our company since 1997, Shima Seiki flat knitting machines Stoll & CMS has been supplying spare parts and consumables.

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