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Sound Insulation Systems


Sound insulation is the measures taken to isolate the places we live in such as housing, school and workplaces from outside noise. Thanks to sound insulation, unwanted sounds from outside are prevented and a more comfortable living space is created in the building. Sound insulation has become a necessity in places such as recording studios where the sound should not penetrate. In addition, the quality of life is increased by preventing or reducing the high frequency sounds coming from outside in the soundproofed spaces. In addition, sound-generating materials such as generators and hydrophores can produce more sound with sound insulation.

Noise results from the combination of sounds with different sound values coming from outside or inside. For example, a house on the side of a busy street suffers from all the sounds of vehicles passing through the street. These sounds include vehicle sounds, horn sounds, human voices. It provides a more comfortable life for the people inside the building, as the noise that occurs outside is reduced to the inside of the building by means of sound insulation.

Today, the sounds that occur around buildings have a negative effect on the individuals inside the building and can be significantly disturbing.

For example, in a radio broadcast, external sounds can damage the broadcast, while outside sounds are extremely disturbing for patients in a hospital. Likewise, sounds coming from outside in schools disrupt the course flow. Noises that can be made by neighbors in a house can negatively affect home life. Therefore, sound insulation is one of the most important factors for comfort in buildings.

Noise control can be done in two ways. The first of these methods is acoustic arrangement. By making acoustic arrangements, it prevents the sounds inside the building from increasing by reflecting. The second method is sound insulation. In sound insulation, the materials that the building is made of provide less transmission of sound.


Sound Insulation Creates Comfortable Environments

While people want to find a peaceful and quiet environment when they move to their homes, they want to focus on their work at work. Noise is the biggest obstacle to these. It has a psychological, physiological and disturbing effect on people in a noisy environment. Even resting, working and sleeping in a noisy environment is quite difficult.

Problems That May Occur According to Sound Intensity

People in noise between 30-65 dBA; They may experience discomfort, discomfort, boredom, anger, concentration disorder and sleep disturbance.

People in noise between 65-90 dBA; Problems such as physiological noise, change of heartbeat, acceleration of respiration, decrease in pressure in the brain may occur.

People in noise between 90-120 dBA; Physiological noise, Headache

People in noise between 120-140 dBA; Physiological noise, Headache

People in noise of 140 dBA and more; The eardrum may rupture, and loud noises are very dangerous.

Efficiency Increases With Sound Insulation

In environments where there is noise, human productivity decreases and a decrease may cause occupational accidents. The sound insulation to be made at this point does not distract the employees as it reduces the noise. Employees who are not distracted, on the other hand, pay more attention to their jobs, while also paying more attention to occupational safety. There is a similar situation for students. In noisy environments, students cannot concentrate on their lessons and this directly affects their success. Noise-free environments prevent employees and students from losing concentration.


Glass Wool: It is a sound insulation material made of flexible, fire-resistant glass fibers used in heat and sound insulation obtained from melted glass. .

Rock Wool: It is the sound insulation material obtained by pressing the basalt rock into a pulp and pressing it until it reaches its thickness. Rock wool is also known as rock wool and rockwool in the market. Rockwool, which is very successful in sound insulation applications as well as heat insulation, increases life comfort and helps to save energy.

Polyethylene: It is a petroleum derivative thermal insulation material used in the production of polyurethane materials used in pipe production and storage of foodstuffs.

Rubber Foam: Foam obtained from rubber is used as sound insulation material.

Wood Wool: Wood wool, similar to can wool, is a wood-based sound insulation material.

Polyurethane: Insulation materials produced from polyurethane, a carbon compound, are generally sound insulation materials used in the sound insulation of products such as refrigerators in our daily lives.

Melamine foam: It is a sound insulation material produced from a plastic type melamine. In addition to sound absorption, it also provides acoustic regulation. It has the feature of preventing echo and echo in the environment.

Acoustic regulators: Sound insulation materials that have a structure that absorbs the sound, used for reberration time control.


Who are we ?

NUR YAPI GRUP was founded in 1999 by Hakan ERSÖZ in Istanbul. Since its establishment, Nur Yapı Grup has carried out many projects with high sectoral value with its dynamic structure and its understanding that attaches importance to quality by growing constantly. With its infrastructure that attaches importance to contemporary structuring, it is a company that has managed to establish high references with successful implementation operations in many projects with high budget and importance in the country and international arena.

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NUR YAPI GRUP 1999 yılında Hakan ERSÖZ tarafından İstanbul’da kurulmuştur. Nur Yapı Grup kuruluşundan günümüze kadar, dinamik yapısı ve sürekli büyüyerek kaliteye önem veren anlayışı ile sektörel değeri yüksek birçok projeye imza atmıştır. Çağdaş yapılanmaya önem veren altyapısıyla, günümüze kadar ülke genelinde ve uluslar arası arenada yüksek bütçeye ve önem değerine sahip birçok projede başarılı uygulama operasyonları ile yüksek referanslar oluşturmayı başarmış bir firmadır.

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