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Secret Emotions

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Secret Emotions 

Secret Emotions Body Lotion Fashion in Weekend


Gülşah Üretim Pazarlama (Gülşah Kozmetik)

Location: İstanbul

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About The Company

About Us

Gulsah Company was established in 1979 started its activities by manufacturing facial tonics and nail polish remover under the label Gulsah.

Later, manufacture of vaseline and almond oil which became popular soon had been launched. Starting from 1999 along with investments to household chemistry sector, the company, under clients’ demand, launched manufacture of wet wipes “Pozzy”.

Development of the new building of the factory has been started in 2004 in Hadimkoy to cover an area of 11,000m2.In order to enlarge a selection of hygienic products, in 2008 our company started manufacturing and selling abroad and in internal market a series of shampoos, hair gels, liquid soaps, and shower gels under the same label “Pozzy”.

“Secret Emotions” lotions and sprays as well as window cleaners “Duzzit” with proved quality are undoubted favorites among our clients since 2011. Along with manufacturing of private label for international distributing network, our company has well-established dealers in Turkey as well as networks in USA, Europe, Asia and Africa.
Our first priority is to achieve the preference of customers satisfaction strategy towards world human hygienic standards in the cosmetic industry.
Gülşah Cosmetics’s primary intention is to achieve human health & customer satisfaction and while make possible to remain as the number one leading brand for today and for the upcoming years.
With leading high quality products and innovation outputs of new formulas while getting assessment from our best specialized team leaders and focusing on human health and customers satisfaction, we have dedicated to provide the best services to our customers for now and for the upcoming years.
Job health and Environmental security,
Honest, picky, systematic working policy,
To be preffered brand name.

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