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Safir Tuz Rafine İyotlu Sofra Tuzu (Plastik Tuzluk) 500 gr

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Sapphire Salt Refined Iodized Table Salt (Plastic Salt Shaker) 500 gr

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100% Natural Iodized Refined Table Salt

Refined rock salt with iodine added for your health.

Origin: Turkey


  • Keep it closed in a cool, dry, moisture-free and non-light environment. Do not put it next to scented items.
  • It is produced untouched in fully automatic filling facilities.

About us

Under the Governorship of Çankırı, Special Provincial Administration, Çantaş Çankırı Salt Products Production and Distribution Inc. cooperation with Turkey in 1985 was established as the first factory SAPPHIRE Rock Salt Mine SALT Food Marketing Transport Construction Import Export Industry and Trade Co., Çankırı is located in Ankara Highway 4 Kilometers. 130 km from Ankara. The facility is located on an area of 41.450 m2.

Within SAFİR SALT; 20 km from the facility. There is a rock salt cave, known to have been used since the Hittite period and not affected by environmental pollution. The raw salt extracted from here with mole without the use of explosives is brought to the facility without any damage, refined, documented by various analyzes and tests in the SAFİR SALT laboratory and internationally accredited institutions, packaged and ready for consumption.

Today, Salt has 14.000 different usage areas; It meets the needs in many different fields from table salt to water softening, textiles, to combating snow and ice on the roads, from cosmetics to the medical sector in accordance with TSE and international standards.

SAFIR SALT; Our basic foodstuff, which has been one of the most beautiful gifts of nature for thousands of years, transports it safely to all over the country and the world from many different points.

SAFIR SALT; closely follows technological developments and grows day by day. Environment, occupational health and safety, quality management system in particular; It operates at world standards under the supervision of official institutions for human beings, for nature and for the national economy.


Our Mission

To provide quality and healthy products to the society. To be sensitive to the environment in all our activities. To work by giving importance to occupational health and safety. To fully fulfill our obligations to the state in accordance with current legislation.

our vision

To raise awareness of consumers about the use of rock salt. To continue our activities in a decent competitive environment. To increase its effectiveness and efficiency in national and international markets. To gain foreign currency to our country by exporting our products. To provide a more comprehensive service by expanding our existing product range.



Mustafa Kemal Mahallesi 2155. Street Nep Office 4 / 31-32 (7th Floor) Çankaya / ANKARA

Phone: 0312 219 61 32

Fax: 0312 219 61 33 (International Enquiries)



Abdulhalik Renda Mah. Ankara Cad. no: 197 / A (Safir Salt Factory) Head Office / ÇANKIRI

Phone: 0376 218 12 40

Fax: 0376 218 12 42




Location: Türkiye

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About The Company

Safir Tuz 36 yıllık üretim tecrübesiyle birlikte Türkiyenin il kaya tuzu fabrikası olma özelliğini taşımaktadır. Türkiye de PDV tuz üretimi yapan en büyük üretici konumundadır. Üretim kapasitesinin �'lık kısmını 30 dan fazla ülkeye ihraç eden Safir Tuz, sanayi ve sofralık gruplarında yüksek kalitede üretim yapmaktadır.

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