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Sacox 120 microGranulate

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Definition of

It is a European Union BSA approved ionophore anticoccidial in microgranule form. (EU registration number: E766)


Contains 120 g / kg of salinomycin sodium.

Mode of Effect

It shows its anticoccidial activity on forms (sporozoites and merozoites) of coccidia during their asexual development. Advantages • It is the most widely used anticoccidial product in the world. • It has a broad spectrum of action against all coccidia species. • Development of resistance is minimal. • It shows optimum effect in all seasonal conditions. • It has no negative effect on feed, water consumption and feathering. • Resistant to processes such as feed preparation and processing. • It allows ideal mixing with its perfect granule structure and fluidity. • Withdrawal period is 1 day.

Usage and Dosage

It is used in broilers, laying hens and rabbits at the following doses.


Target Species

Salinomycin Sodium Amount (ppm / ton feed)

Sacox Microgranule Amount (g / ton feed)

Maximum Age





Laying Chicken



12 weeks

Broiler rabbit



12 weeks


1 day.

Toxic to horses and turkeys. It is not used in breeding birds. It should not be used continuously with certain chemicals such as Tiamulin; Tiamulin should not be given until 7 days before and 7 days after its use.

In 20 kg bags.


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