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Rubis Luxury Serie Orange Blossom

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Wake up and feel the scent of freshly squeezed orange juice .
This soap is rich in citric content which aids in skin exfoliation. And helps to dry out acne. It is rich in Vitamin C. Thus provides deep cleansing to the skin.

It is gentle, mildly exfoliating and refreshing.

125 gr square shape solid soap in a box.

VARIANTS: Orange Blosssom

Number of pieces in a box: 48

Weight of the box: 6 kg


Bilal Sabuncu Yağ ve Sabun San.

Location: Aydın

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About The Company

About Us

We exist to provide our consumers high quality products with affordable prices across multiple markets.
With over 100 years in operation and a wide variety of customers, we are proud of ourselves on being one of the most experienced soap manufacturers in the world and keep providing hygenic products from Turkey.


  • Ilıcabaşı Mah. Denizli Blv. No: 131 AYDIN / TURKEY
  • +902562310015

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