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Respease Liquid ((Natural Solution for Respiratory Distress)

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Product Description

Respease is an unique potent natural solution to help prevent or treat respiratory distress in birds.


Symtomatic control
Protects cilia
Helps faster recovery
Avoids secondary complications
Synergestic action with antibiotics

Usage :

0-2 Weeks (chick) – up to 8 ml/100 birds
2-4 Weeks (starter) – up to 16 ml/100 birds
4-6 weeks (finisher/layers) – up to 32 ml/100 birds


About Us

Polimed Pharmaceuticals was established in 1995. Since its inception, it serves the country's poultry industry. The company's activities are aimed mainly preventive medicine. For this purpose immunization, the problems with the elisa diagnostic kits and protective feed additives offers the best proposals for solution. Polimed is the market leader in many pharmaceutical products. In addition, since 2004, it has expanded its scale with products related to cattle feeding. When we look at our products, activities and preventive medicine to improve performance has been the main target of our company.

Our participative management approach, we see communication as the most important factor supporting. The organization and our stakeholders that we are out of touch; honest, transparent, ethical, comprehensive, sustainable and accountability to our principles, we find in regular and two-way exchange of information. Polimed develops drugs that provide protection and treatment of animal health drug. promotion and marketing of customer-oriented domestic and foreign markets in the availability of drugs helps to keep performing at the highest level with an approach and customer satisfaction.

Our company's vision, mission, values, policies and strategies related primarily to submit it to the other stakeholders after our employees. We support actions to internalize our vision. Moreover, the mission of our organization, the corporate culture and values; in the daily lives of our employees "work, decision making, implementation and evaluation" We aim to be active in the process. As for all our stakeholders; Based on knowledge of the principles of openness and trust, we aim to be shared properly. to meet the basic expectations of our stakeholders, we share our performance in a transparent manner with our corporate responsibility reporting.


İGSAŞ İstanbul Gübre Sanayi A.Ş.

Location: Polimed İlaç ve Tav. San.Ltd.Şti. Çavuşoğlu Mah. Görkemli Sok. No:1/1 Kartal - İstanbul 34873 İ.T.O. Sicil No : 21369 ve Mersis No: 0732008210700011

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About The Company

About Us

Istanbul Gubre Sanayii Anonim Sirketi, briefly IGSAS, was incorporated at one of the most strategic locations of Marmara Region in 1971.

Having offered to Turkish agriculture fertilizers - needed by the Turkish farmers by means of either production or importation, IGSAS is currently one of the largest industrial corporations of Turkey.

IGSAS, with its products transported to each agricultural district of Turkey, joined Yildizlar Yatirim Holding by the way of privatization in 2004.

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