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Refined sunflower oil

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Refined deodorized sunflower oil (higher quality) 5 L Organic Natural Cooking Sunflower Oil.


A versatile product produced for both salads and frying. It is capable of imparting a unique taste to cold snacks, stews, meat and other dishes, and when it is heated, it is not subject to temperature oxidation, which indicates the absence of harmful carcinogens in it. It is absolutely safe to cook fried foods in such oil due to the innovative technology of product purification.




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About The Company

AG Universal llc is a technology-driven company who has more than 40 highly qualified technicists, 20 QC & QA engineers. AG Universal llc has a R&D laboratory with many advanced management and instruments. In recent years, along with consolidating the advantaged market in USA and South Europe, we began to march on Japanese and Korean market and also explored the market in Europe and America successfully. We were appraised as "Qingdao New Enterprise for Earning Foreign Exchange through Exports". After almost one-hundred-year development, Changsheng brand bursts out tenacious vitality which achieves the path to international everlasting survival for Chinese national brand.

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