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Quick Shingle - Roll Shingle

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Quick Shingle was created to be used in place of any kind of roofing material. It is a granule stone coated bituminous membrane roofing material with surface of painting or formed theme, pattern (tile image, etc.) figure, image, logo and / or print.

Quick shingle has been produced as an alternative roofing material for terrace and sloping roofs.

Colors :

Why Should i use QuickShingle ?

Low labor cost. 
A workman lays 30-50m2 shingles, 20-30m2 tiles but 80-100m2 quick shingle in one shift. Low wastage and light weight compared to other types.
It can be applied by end users because of its easy application.

3 times lighter than its competitors.

Stays colored for long years thanks to its UV protecting pigments.

Leak proof 
Full leak proofing and insulation because of Shalumo Torch application and no nails.

Four season
It can be applied at any sloping roof and in any season.

Advantages :

1. Economic price and low labor cost

2. Easy application, even by end user

3. Monolithic pattern and its self adhesive features prevents tearing caused by wind

4. Strong and reliable

5. Monolithic pattern prevents dust and dirt because of its flat surface in contrast to leaf type shingles.

6. Adds value to buildings with changing the view of the building.



Location: ISTANBUL

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About The Company

About Us

STANDART Insulation and Building Materials Inc. has been established in İstanbul-Silivri, 2001 to manufacture polymer bitumen based waterproofing membranes, bitumen based roof membranes with its quality understanding.

In the first year of our establishment, We started with our Penguen (-5 °C), Panda(-10°C), Fok (-20°C) series of waterproofing membranes using polymer bitumen which can be adaptable to different climate conditions. Later, We have added to our product range all types of bituminous membranes known in the market (mineral coated, aluminium foil coated, sand coated, root resistant etc.)

We have started producing Shingle with APP additive by the brand name of Simshingle. We have also developed and launched 5 types of innovative bituminous membranes. These were the products which were previously unknown in the market and patented by Standart Insulation.

At the same period, We have started producing self-adhesive bituminous tapes and self-adhesive bituminous membranes in our Simself brand. We have further enriched our product range with miscellaneous items such as bitumen emulsion, liquid membranes, bitumen based roofing membranes, insulation protecter sheets(drainage sheets.)and waterproofing additional products.

In 2011, We have entered into the synthetic membrane market with our new brand Simplan. We have a 3.000.000 m2 capacity factory producing products such as PVC, TPO, HDPE,LDPE,ECB.

We give importance to products and production quality. Our products have the quality certifications for TSE, CE, DIN,Broof, etc. Besides, Standart Insulation inc. pays attention to service, establishment, and work standards with ISO 9001-2000 quality management system.

In the domestic market it as our principal to sell the products through distributer companies and dealers. We also have brances in Aegean ,Mediterranean, Eastern Anatolian(Adana),Central Anatolian(Ankara) regions.

We export to numerous companies in four continents. We are competitive in the market by being up-to-date with the developments in the world.
We hope to keep our current success in the export market and enter into different markets throughout the world.

We have established the Standart Master Club with the aim of raising the awareness in the market for the benefits of using good quality products and improving the methods of application.

Standart Insulation is a member of Bituder(Bituminous Waterproofing Manufacturers Association) and İmsad.( Construction Materials Industrialist Association.)

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