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Prostate Therapy Device Chronic Prostatitis Treatment Massager Home Use

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What is the indications  of the COZING-QLX01 prostate therapy device?

  1. Chronic non-bacterial prostatitis caused frequent urination, urgent urination, dysuria, odynuria, etc. Dissipating pain of testicles, perineum, groin and epididymis and other related symptoms.
  2. BPH,about a treatment course,pain in the witnesses,pain in the perineus,engineering pain and pain of the epididimocan be released; and frequent urination, urgent urination, dysuria, odinuria, BPH situation can be improved.
  3. Prostatitis, prostate hyperplasia complicated with prostatitis, vesiculitis, prostatalgia. frequent urination, urgent urination, urinary difficulties, urinary pain, etc., and other related symptoms.
  4. TIPS, Venereal disease or gonococcal infection caused prostate problems, use infection treatment in advance, then use the prostate treatment instrument.


What is the the COZING-QLX01 prostate therapy device clinical results?

After 25 minutes of treatment, the pulse current will give rise to an electromagnetic field that regularly changes between the acupuncture point CV6 (qihai) and the acupuncture point CV1 (qugu). In such a situation, it helps you get the healing effect, such as analgesia, anti-inflammation, sterilization and ablation. 


What`s the Treatment principles of the COZING-QLX01 prostate therapy device ? 

  1. It combines electronic pulse and China acupoint treatment to improve the whole environment of the pelvic cavity in order to increase blood circulation of overall pelvic cavity.
  2. It allows increase blood flow into the weakened tissue for enhance recovery and pain relief.
  3. The prostate microcurrent therapy device applies the high energy pulse current to act on the acupoint that is near to the focal zone.
  4. It has the analgesic effect.That is because it can directly stimulate,control the sympathetic nerve to promote the vessels dilatation and blood circulation, thus leading to the Bendorphin content increasing. 
  5. In addition, the high energy pulse current will stimulate the reflex arc of pudendal nerve or pelvic nerve, achieving the detrusor contraction and external sphincter relaxation. Consequently, the urination disorder will be dispelled.
  6. Designed for body meridian dredging, the prostate microcurrent therapy device has cyclic pulses. Those pulses, when irradiating the acupoint, will stimulate to speed up the movement of the biochemical molecules. The highspeed movement will lead to the muscle contraction and promote the metabolism. After 20 minutes' treatment, the biological thermal effect will be caused inside the acupoint and the temperature will be kept constant.


 What is the damage of the prostatitis ?

What is the COZING-QLX01 prostate therapy device features?

  1. Non-invasive, no side effect, no pain, no cross-infection, no trauma,and it`s the physiotherapy.
  2. Good curative effect, positive clinical trail proved, the effective rate is about 90%.
  3. Household healthcare device,small size and smart design , easy to carry.
  4. New item in the international market.
  5. Our prostate is national patent protected.

Treatment the prostatitis/prostate, why we should select HUIYIN ACUPOINT and Qihai acupoint ?

  1. According to the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, HUIYIN ACUPOINT and Qihai acupoint are the main acupoints of the urinary system.Qihai acupoint belongs to Ren meridian, and it is the key point of the strength, and the basis of the Yang.
  2. Huiyin is the key point of Ren meridian, and organize the whole body yin meridian. It use the pulse current with high energy distribution working on those 2 acupoints, close to the lesion area, using direct stimulation inhibits sympathetic nerve, dilate blood vessels, accelerate blood circulation.
  3. The pulse current with high energy distribution stimulate High energy distribution of four kinds of pulse stimulation of nerve reflect arc pudendal nerve or pelvic nerve currents, The pulse current with high energy distribution stimulate the four kinds of neural reflex arc pudendal nerve or pelvic nerve,which can achieve the contraction and relaxation of the detrusor sphincter dysfunction, improve the urination.


 Notice :

  1. Physiological effect, Operate the equipment as manual book guide , don`t use this instrument when the high frequency therapeutic instrument working in the same Room
  2. The output may not stability once the instrument close to shortwave or microwave treatment equipment. It may increase cardiac fibrillation when close to the chest usage.
  3. Severe heart disease and high blood pressure patients disabled.
  4. Skin allergy and skin ulcer patients disabled.
  5. Fixed the electrodes plate by the elastic band, no matter what kind of treatment, and keep the electrodes plate close to the skin.
  6. To avoid micro electric shock, please take off the electrodes plate when turn on/off this instrument.
  7. It is prohibited to use with patients suffering from hemorrhoid in the period of onset and from prostatic cancer.

The more info. , please contact laser12 at cozingmedical dot com
or zero zero eight six one five seven two seven two eight eight zero one nine


Wuhan Cozing Medical Devices Co., Ltd

Location: Building 8, No. 58 Optical Valley Road, Wuhan, Hubei, China

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About The Company

COZING MEDICAL original established in Jan. of 2000, COZING is the professional manufacturer for the laser therapy watchs, knee pain relief laser therapy device, hand-held laser therapy device, multi-functional pain relief laser, low level laser treatment instruments, gynecology laser therapy device , slimming belt ,prostate therapy device, breast light screening device, oxygen generators and kinds of home use instruments with well-equipped testing facilities and strong technical capability. With a wide range, good quality, reasonable prices and brilliant designs, our products are extensively used in hospital, clinic and home health care
Specialized in the physical therapy rehabilitation field , almost all the items are all CE and RoHS certificated, and has passed ISO9001 and ISO13485 certificates. Furthermore , our factory equip with 1,500 square meters sterilized workshop which coordinate with GMP standard, 3PCS individual fully-automatic production lines.
Cozing Medical Devices Co.,ltd has the most advanced medical electronic R & D center in China. With more than ten senior engineers and experts in the field of optoelectronics. So OEM and ODM are welcome.
Around 70% is the domestic market, 30% is Asia, Africa ,Partial of Europe and America . Now we looking for the agents from each regions and countries expand the marketing together.
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