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Organic eggs; These are the eggs obtained from chickens fed with organic feed raw materials and housed in environmental conditions in accordance with organic regulations. Organic eggs, which are of higher quality in terms of nutritional value and do not pose any risk to human health, meet you with the quality of Kor Egg!
The production phase of organic eggs, which are mixed with village eggs among the public and cause a false perception in this sense, is not carried out randomly. For this reason, unlike the eggs obtained from chickens randomly fed in villages, the eggs delivered to your table with the assurance of Kor Egg are obtained with very special production techniques in our farm. During the egg production phase, we offer you truly organic products by getting support from experts in organic eggs such as veterinarians, food engineers and agricultural engineers.




Kor Egg, whose adventure started in 1982, when its founder İsmail Kor won the Animal Nutrition Department of Ege University Faculty of Agriculture; With 38 years of experience, it aims to produce eggs and chicken products at international...


Location: syria

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