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Polyurethane Floor Coating

Polyurethane Floor Coating

Rubber, Rubber Flooring, Rubber Flooring

Polyurethane floor covering; It is a protective and elegant coating that can be applied on all concrete and steel surfaces, is easy to clean, does not fade, has high abrasion resistance. Matte, bright and colored surfaces can be created according to the areas of use. The polyurethane coating, which can be applied indoors and outdoors, is resistant to sun rays, cracks, and all kinds of abrasion and deformation.






Polyurethane Coating Floor Features


  • Solid application possibility
  • Liquid insulation
  • Resistant to friction and wear
  • Wide range of colors
  • Possibility to change color and pattern as desired
  • Provides easy cleaning and hygiene
  • Does not require maintenance costs
  • Aesthetic and extraordinary appearance
  • High against wear
  • provides strength,
  • Non-slip on the floor
  • Resistant to ultraviolet rays
  • Does not crack, dull, can withstand 90 C and 30 C temperatures
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Does not hold dust

Polyurethane Floor Application


  • First, the ground to be applied is studied.
  • Preliminary preparation is made according to the existing ground.
  • After the surface preparation is completed, it is cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.
  • PU lining material is applied with a roller and left to dry.
  • Polyurethane self leveling coating material is laid on the entire surface in one piece with the help of a level adjustable comb.
  • Before the coating material freezes, it is passed over the application with a spiked roller to spread the material properly and to remove air bubbles.
  • The coating material is left to dry.
  • Subsequently, the selected top coat protective paint is applied in two separate layers.
  • Then it is left to dry for 1 day again and is put into use the next day.
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Rubber, Rubber Flooring, Rubber Flooring


It continues its commercial activities by carrying its success in production and export to today with its vision for the future and principled working method.


effectively uses technology and modern management practices at every stage of the product-service cycle. The corporate culture of B2B RUBBER; innovation, consistency, flexibility, transparency, quality, social responsibility, customer orientation, teamwork.


Although it has a significant market share in our country and abroad, it makes important breakthroughs in its sector with its constantly developing technological infrastructure and the importance it attaches to R & D. B2B KAUÇUK, which is a disciplined and principled working example from sales to production, finance to technical issues with its professional, dynamic, friendly and experienced staff, has spread its quality to every field with its pre-sales and after-sales service.




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