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Podicure Ayak Bakım Kremi

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about us

Tykon İlaç has adopted the motto of "Health First, People First" as a working principle and set the main target to be an exemplary business in this direction. When it comes to people and health, we act with the awareness of how important our work is and we follow all the processes from the production of the products we offer to our patients to the delivery of them with great care and with an innovative spirit. To be successful is an endless determination, determination, belief, patience, desire to learn and learn, to have an innovative spirit and to keep our feet on the ground, trust does not prevent control, work discipline is inevitable, teamwork and high communication skills and ethical rules. We believe and accept that absolute observance is necessary. Considering itself successful as long as we can be beneficial to medicine, our patients and our valued customers and stakeholders, Tykon Pharmaceuticals will continue its mission of providing health with new and innovative products in its field of activity.
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0332 323 00 16


0532 618 13 73



0332 323 00 16

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Nişantaş Mah. Dr. M. Hulusi Baybal Cd. No: 3 / Z 08 - Selcuklu / KONYA

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Weekdays 09:00 - 18:00 Saturday: 09:00 - 18:00 Sunday: Closed




Location: Türkiye

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About The Company

Tykon İlaç gıda takviyeleri ve kişisel bakım bakım ürünleri üreticisidir. - Saç dökülmesi tedavisi - Göz sağlığı ürünleri - Güneş Koruyucu Ürünler - Akne tedavisine yardımcı temizleyiciler - Yara izi oluşumunu engelleyici - Cilt lekeleri tedavisi - Ayak bakım gibi alanlarda ürünler üretmektedir. Ecza depoları kanalıyla eczanelerde, hastalara ve kullanıcılara ürünlerimiz ulaşmaktadır.

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