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Paslanmaz HİDROLİK Boru

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Stainless SAK


Our Stainless Steel Sheets in AISI 304-304L, 321, 316- 316L-316Ti, 309, 310S and 430 qualities are available in our stocks in thicknesses from 0.40 mm to 100 mm and our standard sizes are; It is 1000 * 2000mm - 1250 * 2500mm - 1500 * 3000mm -1500 * 6000mm - 2000 * 4000mm - 2000 * 6000mm.

We also make presentations as rolls. We can cut in desired sizes upon request. Our sheets are generally produced as cold drawn up to 6mm thickness and hot drawn at higher thicknesses.

All of our certified sheets are in the qualities of AISI 304-304L, 321, 316-316L-316Ti, 309, 310S and 430; matte, glossy, stoned, PVC coated, diamond-patterned surfaces. alternatives are offered according to the place of use.

If you want to get the best possible result in line with your demands and needs, please contact our experienced sales team.



Company profile

Our organization, which said hello to business life in 1986 with the principle of customer satisfaction first, has been on its way for more than thirty years with the first day's founding principle. Since the day we were established, we are proud to share with you the pride of realizing the understanding of total quality and mutual synergy by getting stronger day by day with the philosophy of continuous innovation and quality enhancement.

We are fully confident that the energy and inspiration we have received from our valued customers since our establishment will lead us to our positive goals for the future. In this journey we have started with you, we believe that our relations will become stronger day by day within the framework of solid dialogues, bridges of friendship and cooperation we have established. Our company; Stainless Steel, which is needed by the industry, welded and seamless pipes of European and Far East origin, stainless steel sheet, stainless steel bar, stainless steel profile, stainless steel fittings; elbow, flange, valve, tee, union, nipple, sleeve, collar, camber (cap), reduction, threaded elbow, threaded end plug, threaded tee, threaded reduction ... etc. and is pleased to offer high quality service to our valued customers with its technical materials.

Our company; Thanks to its large stock opportunity, it minimizes the time loss of our valued customers by responding to the demands instantly; It continues its principle of being solution-oriented by assuming the role of the best and most innovative supplier in the market in order to provide better quality work.


Our Mission

With the principle that permanent success can only be achieved with high quality products, fast service, an experienced and dynamic team, our main goal is always 100% customer satisfaction. • Continuously increasing customer satisfaction • Providing solution-oriented service • Providing high quality in the fastest way • Maintaining mutual trust • Creating our brand value • Being the most preferred company

Our Vision Our Vision To be the best, most reliable and most preferred company serving in the stainless steel industry by supplying quality products to our valued customers in the fastest way with our principle of customer satisfaction since our establishment.

Our Values

KAYACI METAL takes the following values into consideration in all its fields of activity.

• Maintaining the principle of honesty and integrity in everything we do. • To carry out all our activities with the principle of transparency and accountability. • To create a safe, healthy, efficient work environment and to provide the ideal environment for our employees. • To maximize the satisfaction of our customers. • To ensure the continuous improvement of the quality management system, • To maintain its competitive position by serving successfully in domestic and foreign markets without sacrificing quality.


Kayacı Metal Paslanmaz Mamülleri San.Tic.Ltd.Şti


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About The Company

Önce müşteri memnuniyeti ilkesi ile 1986 yılında ticaret hayatına merhaba diyen kuruluşumuz ilk günkü kuruluş ilkesiyle otuz yılı aşkın süredir yoluna devam etmektedir. Kurulmuş olduğumuz günden günümüze kadar bizler sürekli inovasyon ve kalite artırma felsefesi ile her geçen gün daha da güçlenerek toplam kalite ve karşılıklı sinerji anlayışını hayata geçirmenin gururunu sizlerle paylaşmanın sevincini yaşamaktayız.


Kuruluşumuzdan itibaren siz değerli müşterilerimizden aldığımız enerji ve ilhamın bizleri ileriye yönelik müspet hedeflerimize ulaştıracağına dair inancımız tamdır. Sizlerle başladığımız bu yolculukta, kurmuş olduğumuz sağlam diyaloglar, dostluk köprüleri ve işbirliği çerçevesinde ilişkilerimizin gün geçtikçe daha da kuvvetleneceğine inanmaktayız. Firmamız; sanayinin ihtiyacı olan Paslanmaz Çelik, Avrupa ve Uzakdoğu menşeili dikişli ve dikişsiz boru, paslanmaz çelik saç, paslanmaz çelik çubuk, paslanmaz çelik profil , paslanmaz çelik fittings ; dirsek , flanş , vana , tee , rekor, nipel , manşon , yaka , bombe (kep) , redüksiyon , dişli dirsek ,dişli kör tapa, dişli tee, dişli redüksiyon ... vb. ve de teknik malzemeleriyle siz değerli müşterilerimize yüksek kaliteli hizmet sunmaktan dolayı mutluluk duymaktadır.


Firmamız; geniş stok imkânı sayesinde taleplere anında cevap vererek siz değerli müşterilerimizin zaman kaybını minimize etmekle birlikte; daha iyi kalitede işler sunabilmeleri için piyasada ki en iyi ve en yenilikçi tedarikçi görevini üstlenerek çözüm odaklı olma düsturuna devam etmektedir.


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