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Paralel Hızlı Çıkışlı Sağım Sistemleri

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Parallel Fast Output Milking Systems

Capacity: For Medium - Large Herds


  • More animal milking in a shorter time • Stress-free milking placement, fast exits, maximum milking performance • With its 90 ° structure, better udder vision and easier milking intervention opportunity • Full management and control over animal traffic with automatic entry / exit doors


  • Robust and up-to-date design • Hot dip galvanized construction against corrosion. • 304 AISI quality stainless steel inner-outer polished milk line pipes • Vacuum pump, vacuum regulator, vacuum tank, PVC vacuum pipeline • Milking equipment manufactured to high quality standards • Milking stall bars are cornerless and 90 ° angled in accordance with animal health and comfort • Seamless and clamp-free assembly for fast, easy installation and maintenance • Pneumatically controlled entry / exit doors

Optional Features:

  • Automatic SEZER De Luxe Washing • Electronic Milk Meter • Milking parlor with stainless cabin where electronic equipment is placed

Sezer Sağım Teknolojileri

Location: Bursa

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About The Company


Eventhough it is known that SEZER established in 1978, history of the company begun with production of agricultural equipments in 1950's. After then, in order to help farmers to do an easier and more hygienic milking with the family farming experience and developing technologies, SEZER Milking Technologies manufactured the first mobile milking machine in Turkey. Until now, Sezer meets the needs of livestock farming with its innovative, reliable high quality products and integrated solutions as a worldwide reference company. Today, SEZER company serves globally in TSE EN ISO 9001:2015, CE quality and safety standards through Karacabey, Bursa/Turkey headquarter and other two factories: Mustafa Kemalpaşa,Bursa/Turkey and Razgrad/Bulgaria. 

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