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Organik Bio-Kolin

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▶ Increases skeletal and muscle development, ▶ Improves FCR & Anabolic effect, ▶ Provides optimum production and cell growth, ▶ Supports recovery period, ▶ Provides healthy digestion, ▶ 100% Choline and Biotin supplement provides optimum growth in animals and controls fat metabolism and cholesterol It regulates triglyceride production by reducing and thus prevents fatty liver syndrome, ▶ Keeps the liver alive, thus ensuring optimum bile secretion and protecting it from afflaticosis, ▶ Choline Forte helps for optimum cell synthesis and supports the formation of the basic building blocks of new cells, ▶ Prevents perosis in poultry, thus ensuring the continuity of healthy feet , ▶ Improves hatching efficiency,




Location: RENA IMPEX

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About The Company

As Rena Impex, we are manufacturer, exporter and supplier company for especially for livestock industry for long years ..we have MCP(monocalcium phosphate), DCP (dicalcium phosphate), organic acids, toxin binders, vitamin,mineral and aminoacid premixes,liver tonic , salmonella inhibitor, products for respiratory problems, products for gut health ,digestion etc ...Besides these we have eggs, pullets,zeolite,sepiolite etc .

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