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Optiphos 400

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Definition of

It is a new generation 6- phytase enzyme originating from E.coli.


It contains 4,000,000 OTU / kg phytase as enzyme activity.

Mode of Effect

Optiphos breaks down phytate molecules, allowing the phosphorus attached to phytate as well as other minerals and trace elements to be released effectively.


• It shows the highest activity at pH levels in the upper digestive system where phosphorus digestion is highest. • Unlike the first generation phytases, it is resistant to pepsin. • Resistant to high pelleting temperatures thanks to its special coating technology that does not restrict its release in the digestive system. • Even when used at the same rate, it provides more phosphorus release than other phytase enzymes. • It allows to reduce the inorganic phosphorus ratio added to the food. • It reduces environmental pollution.

Usage and Dosage

For detailed information, please contact Anc technical service.

In 25 kg bags.


Target Species

For Minimum Activation (Per Kg)

Recommended Usage Rate (g / ton of Feed)


200 FTU


Laying Chicken

120 FTU



200 FTU



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