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Olive Oil

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1000gr 12 Pet/Plastic

About Us

Founded in 1993 Göknur Bio Agriculture Inc., imports and exports  dry grain, honey, canned food, cereals, oil, vegetables, fruit, fruit juice and concentrate mainly to Europe and several countries of the world by implementing both domestically and abroad, provides services to many corporate companies.

The products that we import & export are hundred percent natural and pure foods. Therefore, the original aspects and quality of them ensures your health and your trust.

Suppliers do production under our control. Having the motto of working with suppliers that have high quality standards, Goknur Inc. has the ability to keep customer satisfaction in a high level.

Each day we add a new option to our product range with a healthy base. What's more, we started  to produce some of our products as well as exporting & importing. We serve as Has & Haz brand out of Turkey.

According to many scientific research, balanced, natural and pure foods' diet guaranties healthy living and chronic disease prevention. Our company with this philosophy, have become the first producer of the natural honey and grains and served it to customers..

Considering customer satisfaction and product quality and having the self-oriented mission, Goknur Bio Agriculture Inc. continues its actvity in production and marketing fields.


GÖKNUR Tarım Gıda Ürünleri İhracat A.Ş.

Location: Kayseri

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About The Company

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Firmamız ürün bilgileri Organik ve Konvansiyonel üretim ve Türkiye'den taze meyve ve sebze, Meyve Suyu Konsantreleri ve Meyve Suyu NFC, Elma, nar, greyfurt, portakal, limon, kayısı, şeftali, armut, ayva, üzüm, siyah havuç, kırmızı pancar ve Domates Pastası Taze meyve narenciye ve sebzeler, Limon, Portakal, Greyfurut, Mandalina, Nar, Muz, Elma, Kayısı, Şeftali, Üzüm, Kiraz, Vişne, Çilek, Kırmızı ve Yeşil Erik, Kavun, Karpuz Domates, Domates çeşitleri, Salatalık Biber çeşitleri vb. kabak, patlıcan, soğan, patates, havuç, DONDURULMUŞ OLARAK IQF VE BLOK Dondurulmuş Meyve ve sebze çeşitleri Bakliyat, fasulye, nohut. kırmızı sarı ve yeşil mercimek, bisküvi çeşitleri un, makarna çeşitleri, sıvı mutfak yağları, baharat çeşitleri Kurutulmuş meyve sebzeleri fındık, fıstık vb. Firma: GÖKNUR Tarım Gıda Ürünleri İhracat A.Ş. Türkiye'de, Ofis telefonu: 90352222 1058 Cep Telefonu: 90532294 19 57 e-Posta: e-Posta: Web:

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