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OC 67 E

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OC 67 E

Built-in Cooker 4 Hot plate Anti-scratch black enamel surface Warning Light Side control panel


It has completed its corporate structure with nearly 20 years of experience in the industry, in terms of the vision and mission established sales and production on customer satisfaction is Turkey's largest manufacturer of steel door. It carries out its production integratedly in the Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone of 55,000 square meters, 32,000 square meters of which is closed. Annual production capacity is over 240,000 units. Turkey spread across the semi-finished and finished products fully customer with more than 400 showrooms and is visited by 3 to 5 thousand people a day close to the world's 40 countries. We offer our distinguished and quality products, whose patents, technical design and development belong to Formet Çelik Kapı, to the world with our expert engineers, technicians and sales staff under the leadership of our R&D department. Our production processes are managed with ISO-9001 quality assurance, on the other hand, we guarantee your safety with our fire doors that can resist fire for 4 hours. Our products have many quality and safety certificates with international accreditation. Formet Steel Door delivers its products to the end consumer in many countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, America and the Middle East with its constantly increasing export performance. We wish you success in your work, happiness at your home, FORMET at your door ...


İmbako Formet çelik kapı San.Tic.

Location: Turkia

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About The Company


Formet Steel Door

Formet Steel Door, which is the biggest manufacturer and seller in Turkey, has almost twenty years experience in Steel door sector, completed its corporational structure and focused on customer satisfaction principle. We realize the production activites in the well integrated factory of totally 55.000 m² that 32.000 m² is closed area, taking place at the Kayseri Industrial Zone. The production capacity of Formet is more than 240.000 pcs per year and Formet products meet with the clients at 300 showrooms all over Turkey and more than 30 oversea countries. Formet’s licenced and elegant products developed by leading our own R&D department, produced by experienced engineers, technicians and specialists, distributed to all over the word.

Our production process is carried out under the ISO:9001 quality assurance. Also we protect your property with fire exit door resisting 240 minutes, certified by international labaratory. On the other hand Formet has many international quality and security certificates from accredited international institutions such as IFT, CE, PFB, WK3, Intertek. Formet delivers high quality products to Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Middle East by increasing export performance and getting a world wide brand.

We wish succes in your business, happiness at your home with FORMET...

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