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Novawood makes a difference with its high-tech infrastructure and wooden joinery profiles produced with a special wood classification. In addition to increasing the stability of the wood, the Thermowood process provides a great advantage in terms of insulation thanks to its low lambda value.

It can be produced with finger joints as well as massive outer layers.

Window Frames produced by Novawood;

Working tendency is reduced due to both Thermowood and multi-layer lamination,

It provides ease of operation due to the production of special sizes that can meet customer demands other than standard sizes,

The rate of loss is very low in products that pass Novawood's special quality control.

All 3 types of production are made according to the international product specifications in the window joinery sector.

DKD: Outer layers are solid, middle layer is Fingerjoint

DKK: One side massive middle and bottom layer with finger joints

KKK: All layers are Finger Joined

Feel the privilege of returning to "natural" again with different tree types and window joinery produced in different sizes.


NOVA Orman Ürünleri Saç Ürünleri San.Tic.A.Ş.

Location: Turkia

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About The Company

About Us

We have a justified pride in our position as the first company to introduce the thermal modification technology “Thermowood” in Turkey. We improve and direct each stage of the production process with innovative approaches that enrich life. We strive to reinforce wood products, which we regard as living materials, without compromising their aesthetics or natural value. With World-class facilities equipped with latest technology machineries and an annual production capacity of 18,000 m³, Novawood products are shipped to 65 countries worldwide including England, Switzerland, Canada, Germany, Spain, Japan, Russia, USA, Azerbaijan, Finland, People’s Republic of China, India and Saudi Arabia.

Operating principles that are fully compliant with European standards and practices, a strong technological infrastructure including Thermowood production, the only solid wood R&D laboratory of Turkey and a corporate culture focusing on innovation are the qualities that make Novawood the uncontested leader of its sector.

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