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Product Description

Single phase power supply:  220/230V50/60Hz
Max. absorbed power:   0,15 kW
Balancing speed: 100 rpm
Measuring cycle for 15 kg (33 lb) wheel: 4.7 s
Measurement uncertainty:  0,5 g
Avarage noise: <70dB(A)
Rim width setting range: 1.5”÷20”/40÷510mm
Rim diameter setting range:   10”÷30”/265÷765mm
Min./Max. compressed air pressure:  7 ÷ 10 kg/cm2 / ~ 0.7 ÷ 1 MPa / ~ 7 ÷ 10 bar / ~ 105 ÷ 145 psi
Max. wheel weight: < 75 kg

Machine weight:

120 kg
UC20/2 GL40 41FF83149
Standard equipment composed of: 3 cones Ø 45÷110 mm, quick
locknut GL40, width gauge, pincer-hammer and 60 g counterweight.


RL CUP 41FF79255

Large plastic cup with polyurethane protection ring for light
alloy rims.
UH20/2 41FF42048
Universal adapter for all wheels with 3,4,5,6 holes (pitch
circle Ø 95-210 mm) complete with high precision back centering double cone (Cemb patent) for wheels with/ without central hole (Renault, Peugeot and Citroën). Grants double accuracy compared to similar adapters on the market.
High precision kit composed of: 1 bush Ø 60mm + 2
cones (Ø 62 ÷ 68 mm and Ø 54 ÷ 60 mm).
VL/2 CONE + G36 DISC 41FF86174

Kit for light truck wheels (Ø 97÷170mm central hole).

SR4 – SR4/SE – SR5 – SR5/SE SR5/2 SR5/2/SE – SRUSA – SR/USA/SE
Stud adapters for rim protection and high precision centering for wheels with 4 or 5 holes. Studs are made of two pieces, elastically coupled: pressure is therefore homogeneous on all the holes.

High precision kit composed of: 5 bushes (Ø 60 / 66 / 71 / 88 / 129,9 mm). Developed according to Renault

nitromak servis ekip ltd

Location: izmir

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About The Company

Company Profile

NITROMAC was established in 2011 to design, manufacture and sell service equipment for automotive industry including;

  • Hydraulic Rim Repair Machines
  • Rim Cleaning and Polishing Machines
  • Hydraulic Platform Lifts
  • Headlight Testers
  • Wheel Balancers
  • Nitrogen Generators

With its young, experienced and dedicated personnel; Nitromac’s mission is to supply the highest quality designed and patented under car equipment with high manufacturing technology available.

From company premises located in Izmir/ Turkey, company exports %80 of its production to 48 countries in regular basis and 62 countries in total.



Ulukent Sanayi Bölgesi 10007 Sokak No:26/B Menemen İzmir

Phone: +90 232 325 90 90

Fax: +90 232 325 00 50


Mobile: +90 544 590 90 90



Phone: +902323259090

Mobile: +90 544 590 90 90


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