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Natural Diced Apricots

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Product Description

Whole Pitted Mediterranean style be processed from sound, nature fresh Turkish apricots which have been harvested by hand, washed with pure water, hand pitted treated with sulphure dioxide for color retention, sun dried, graded for size, and sorted for general defects. The product shall present a bright color (light yellow-yellow orange-orange reddish-light red), taste and smell typical of well processed dried apricots.

Whole pitted quality apricots are subject to stringent cleaning and inspection process to ensure a product free of foreign matter and fermentation.


  1. Moisture : Max. 25 % (Determined by the DFA moisture tester)
  2. Color : Characteristic – Brown To Dark Brown
  3. Flavour : Characteristic of sun dried apricot flavor and free of foreign odors and flavors. Firm in texture, slightly wrinkled outer surface
  4. Texture : Clean and firm in texture, slightly wrinkled outer surface




236 kcal


Vitamin A

2442 IU


2,43 g

Vitamin C

3,80 IU

Total Carbohydrate

55,9 g


38 mg


47,2 g


2,70 mg

Total Fat

0,24 g


18 mg

Dietary Fiber

7,8 g


796 mg

Product Details

ORIGIN : Turkey

PRICES : By request

FUMIGATION : The product is directly fumigated with Methyl Bromide only in the raw material state before washing. After the product is packaged, it can be fumigated again in order to clear possible infestation originating from the container.

LABELING : Product name, net weight, producer name, address, origin, lot number. Marking can be changed according to the customer demand.

STORAGE : The product should be stored in a clean, dry and cool (recommended below 5°C) place.

SHELF LIFE : 12 months from date of production when stored in the conditions noted above.

- These specifications will be valid up to send a new review.

- The specifications may be changed after an agreement between supplier and customer and clearly reported on the purchase order.

- Size is a parameter defined in the purchase order for any purchase.

Accompanied With

- Commercial Invoice

- Bill of Lading or CMR

- Phytosanitary Certificate

- Certificate of Origin

- Non-GMO Certificate

- Packing List & Weight Certificate

- Certificate of Analysis

- Certificate of Quality

Any other certificates per customer requirement.

Packing Details

PACKAGING : In a corrugated carton boxes with protective paper or polyethylene bag inside. Net weights are given below for each packet.

Packaging can be changed according to the customer demand.

- Carton boxes (10 & 12,5 kgs )



Location: İZMİR

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