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MR743-3v double head metal street light

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Product name: MR743-3v double head metal street light

Example: 1: 300 1: 200 1: 150 1: 100 1:75 1:50 ...

Product height: 4cm, 5cm 7.5cm 10.5cm 12.5cm 20cm ...

Product material: iron, led.

Use environment: building sand table model, train model, micro landscape model


Guangzhou shibai qian model technology co. LTD

Location: G-108 Guangxin, No. 24, Jishan New Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Guangdong

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About The Company

Guangzhou Shibaiqian Modeling Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly Guangzhou Celebrity Modeling Material Company) was established in 2008, specializing in building sand table model making materials and model peripheral accessories tools. After 10 years of business innovation, we have established a complete online and offline marketing system and a wide range of domestic and foreign customer groups. We have established a good image and reputation in the industry based on the principles of customer first, courteous service, honesty, and mutual benefit. Our growth is inseparable from every support customer and friend, thank you for your continuous help! At the same time, we will continue to develop new products.

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