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Mounted Type Garden Sprayer 600 Lt.

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Mounted Type Garden Sprayer 600 Lt.

Products Code


Capacity of Tank

600 Lt.

Type of Tank


Chassis Kind


Pumps Model

MTS 371 t


3 Membranes

Pumps Flow Rate


Pumps Pressure

45 Bar

Control Units

MTS 401

Hoses Rolling Capacity

25 Mt.

Hoses Type

90 Bar 10 MM


Long, Short



► The injected fluid and the distance of the desired surface to redirect the beam angle adjustment is equipped with spraying with a gun. While Tractor running ,the spraying gun has to power to medication tall trees.Sprayer size, narrow rows, low and high are designed so that it is able to maneuver easily among the trees. Garden sprayer, are used except in agricultural areas also used in the washing and disinfecting of the coop in the barn

►Mounted Type Agrose Garden sprayer are connecting with 3 point to tractor hydraulic arms. The type of tanks capacity are 200-300-400-500-600-800-1000 litre

►All the sprayers were equipped with Mertsan Branded abrasion-resistant spraying pumps .Which have various capacities 2-3 or 4-piston hydraulic membrane

► On the machinery have standard equipment ,1 pistol, 1 x 25 Mt hose 10 mm of 90 bar


► Polyethylene tanks produced with the Agrose technology

► Ultraviolet rays, and surfaces against the adverse effects of pesticides, as corrosion and does not create resistant bacteria and algae.

►Hydraulic mixing system blends easily into the water with spraying medication.

► Reside on the machine Filling Ejector, provides the opportunity to the sprayin medication to fill in a very short time.

► Water level indicator can easily be seen, by the user during filling and emptying

► Clean water tank offered as an option. independent from Tanks and provides the possibility of adding all the machines


MTS 371 T

► Small-scale vineyard,garden,greenhouse,orchards and similar fields can be used high pressure membrane pumps MTS 371 T the same time also can be used disinfect the coop and the barn,

► Valve stamps and covers are stainless steel

►This Pumps are externally manifould ,surfaces in contact with the drug is coated with phosphate and against corrosion resistant.


►Profiles are made of ST37 material and have a high coefficient of strength and resistance

► In terms of adding rigidity to the chassis applied protective primer paint and applied metallic paint as topcoat


► All of the Agrose spray guns made parts of chrome -coated brass ,the injector plaques are made of stainless steel.Due to this feature, can't faced with the problem of clogging caused by corrosion in the spray gun.With easliy handy,handle adjusted angle of the beam and the flow of drug.The spraying distances are changing depending on the diameter of the plaque proper pressure and ranged from 5 to 15 feet.1 pistol, 1 x 25 Mt hose 10 mm of 90 bar are standard equipment of sprayers.

Areas of Use

► It can be used on Vineyards,gardens,greenhouse and garden plants agains infested harmful pest and diseases

► Using for destruction of unwanted plants and weeds

Optional Features

►optional 50-100mt 10mm bar 90 is attached to the spraying hose.


0 332 346 02 12
0 332 346 02 12
Büyükkayacık OSB. Mahallesi 405.Sokak No:8 Selçuklu - KONYA / TÜRKİYE

+90532 232 42 63



Location: KONYA

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About The Company

Agrose Tarım Makinaları San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. (Agrose Agricultural Machines Ind. Trade Co. Ltd.), manufacturing all kinds of spare parts for agriculture and livestock, continues its operations in Konya. In order to prepare its technology to produce for the world standards and meet the increasing demands of the costumers, Agrose has adopted quality and mass production mentality with computer aided design and production machines. While proceeding step by step towards its goals of being a world brand, it continues to make all the necessary investments for this target. Agrose is proud to be a company which services its customers before and after sales, works with a sense of responsibility and is dedicated to constantly improve and renew itself.

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