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Modular Suspended Ceilings

Ceiling is a very important part in a space. The reason for this is that it takes up a very important place when compared to the other sections in the space. Using elements such as design, color and lighting, a suspended ceiling can be designed that is suitable for every space and will make the space look more beautiful. Modular Suspended Ceiling Systems are preferred and used to hide all kinds of installations on the ceiling, to install many components such as lighting fixtures, fire detectors and to add more acoustic properties to the building. In addition, a more decorative appearance is provided to the space by using modular suspended ceiling systems. Thanks to the acoustic and excellent lighting possibility, a very beautiful and workable work environment can be created by using the modular suspended ceiling system. Our company realizes the wholesale and retail sales of products of world brands in Modular Suspended Ceiling. Plasters, which are sold on a truck basis in our center, are also sold in retail through our dealers. For all your needs, you can reach us at 444 9 687 and take advantage of our special offers. We are happy to bring you the world brands with our special offers on Modular Suspended Ceiling prices.

Who are we ?

NUR YAPI GRUP was founded in 1999 by Hakan ERSÖZ in Istanbul. Since its establishment, Nur Yapı Grup has carried out many projects with high sectoral value with its dynamic structure and its understanding that attaches importance to quality by growing constantly. With its infrastructure that attaches importance to contemporary structuring, it is a company that has managed to establish high references with successful implementation operations in many projects with high budget and importance in the country and international arena.

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Location: İSTANBUL

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About The Company

Biz Kimiz

NUR YAPI GRUP 1999 yılında Hakan ERSÖZ tarafından İstanbul’da kurulmuştur. Nur Yapı Grup kuruluşundan günümüze kadar, dinamik yapısı ve sürekli büyüyerek kaliteye önem veren anlayışı ile sektörel değeri yüksek birçok projeye imza atmıştır. Çağdaş yapılanmaya önem veren altyapısıyla, günümüze kadar ülke genelinde ve uluslar arası arenada yüksek bütçeye ve önem değerine sahip birçok projede başarılı uygulama operasyonları ile yüksek referanslar oluşturmayı başarmış bir firmadır.

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