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MMO Titanium Anode

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MMO Titanium  Anode

Product Name: Titanium Anode

Base Material: Gr1  Gr2

Coating: Ruthenium-Iridium oxide coating, Ruthenium-Titanium coating; 

PT/IR/Ru Coated Titanium Anode/Mmo Coating Titanium Sheets Anode/Electrode Dsa

Size: Thickness ≥ 1.5mm, width ≤ 1200mm, length ≤ 6000mm 

Tray Size: 20*960*960mmTitanium Mesh Size: 1.5*887*887mm

Baffles: Gr2 Ti Plate Thickness 2.0mm  Custom-made size available

Shapes: Sheet, Plate, Round, Tube, Mesh, Titanium Basket for Electroplating/ Ti Basket;

Customized Shapes

Status: Annealed

Application: Papermaking, Food, Construction, Ocean, Aerospace, Aviation, Electronics, 

Metallurgy, Pharmacy, Salt, Chemical, Petroleum

Active coating titanium anodes (DSA)


Firmakes Titanium could make different sizes and shapes according to designed drawing by clients, so as to obtain the best effects.

Titanium anode coating, which consists of mixed metal oxide (MMO), such as RuO2 (Ruthenium)--the RuO2 coating thickness ≥ 10um, IrO2 (Iridium)--the IrO2 coating thickness ≥10um, TiO2,Ta2O5 (Tantalum), Pt (Platinium)--0.5-5 micron, PbO2--the PbO2 coating thickness 0.6-1mm, can distinctly reduce cell voltage during the electrolysis of chlorine evolution, oxygen evolution and have remarkable energy-saving effect and longer lifetime. The substrate is GR1 or GR2 titanium material, which can be reused and re-costed. Titanium anode is also called as DSA or insoluble titanium anode due to its dimension stability and high corrosion resistivity. With such advantages, titanium anode won't pollute electrolysis system and increase final products purity, reduce the maintenance cost of the equipment. 

DSA Titanium Anode Application Fields:

Copper recovery in etching liquid, electrodialysis industry, MMO cathodic protection, sewage treatment, swimming pool disinfection, electrolysis, sodium hypochlorite generator, chlor-alkali industry, water heater anticorrosion, lonized water electrolysis, electroplating, hydrometallurgy. 

DSA Titanium Anode Available Shapes: sheet, wire, mesh,tube, ring, strip, mesh basket, etc.

Titanium Anode used for Chlor-Alkali Industry


Firmakes Titanium Co., Ltd.

Location: No.1416, Titanium Valley Building, No.195, Hi-tech Avenue, Baoji, Shanxi, China

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About The Company

The headquarter of Firmakes Titanium Co., Ltd is located in Titanium Valley of China - Titanium Valley Building, Baoji, Shaanxi Province. After more than 50 years of development, Baoji has formed one of the world's largest and most comprehensive international titanium trading markets, as well as the processing, sales, research and development bases of nonferrous rare metals, mainly containing titanium, zirconium, hafnium, tungsten, molybdenum, niobium, tantalum, cobalt and thallium. In 2017, the permanent site of China Titanium Expo is settled in Baoji.

Firmakes Titanium Co., established in 2016 and covers an area of 15000m2. Company existing staff 100 people, among which senior technical and management talents account for more than 50%.. Firmankes always adhere to “Quality First, Integrity First and Service-oriented” and became an outstanding standardized enterprise with the endeavor and pragmatic work of the whole staff and mainly relies on the resource advantages of BaoTi group, Western Titanium Industry, State Nuclear Baoti Zirconium Industry, Western New Zirconium and integrated titanium production resource and processing enterprises of Baoji region and mainland China to provides global users of titanium, zirconium, hafnium and other rare metals with standard and non-standard high-quality products such as raw materials, castings and forgings, extrusions, drawing materials, rolling parts, etc. Facing the major titanium consumption countries such as the United States, Britain, Germany, France, Russia, Japan, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Singapore, etc., The company can fully meet the needs of aviation, ocean, chemical industry (excluding pressure vessels), heat exchanger, titanium fishing rod, titanium racket, titanium golf club, titanium bicycle and other sporting goods; titanium bracket, titanium skeleton, titanium joint, titanium screw and other medicine, life and crafts, as well as medical titanium, including artificial joint, locking nail, kirschner wire, denture casting titanium block, electron device, 3D printing ball powder, titanium wire, coating target, all kinds of daily necessities and art craft.

To provide customers with technical and sales support, a professional technical team of Firmakes  coordinate domestic industry resources for personalized customized services with varied customer requirements. The facility of Firmakes is located in Baoji, which has a series of technology development and product innovation resources, scientific research institutes, key laboratories for Zr and Titanium, national physical and chemical testing center for Zr and Hf, providing high-quality products and services that meet the global customers' requirements of the quality system.

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