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Mitsubishi Kamyonet Tentesi

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About Us

We have been serving our business life, which we started in 1963 with the experience of Mehmet Büyükçorak, with our 54 years of experience in Mahmutbey and Eskoop Industrial Sites.

We continue to be the most powerful company in the sector, who care about customer satisfaction and fulfill their requests in accordance with the requirements of the future with our expert staff that closely follows today's technology and constantly renews and develops itself.

We continue to produce and manufacture truck canvas, truck awning, truck chassis and flatbed body within our organization.

To create customer satisfaction by adhering to business ethics and principles, to ensure quality assurance and system continuity by applying reliable methods before and after sales with a friendly service understanding, experienced sales team, service workmanship.

Our mission is to provide customer satisfaction in every field we serve and to always be the BEST.

What we understand from being the best; To be a company that can be shown as a reference against its competitors, who are aware of its corporate and social responsibilities, which have ensured the satisfaction of its customers.

It is always to be the best. To be a preferred company by ensuring the satisfaction of our customers, business partners and employees. To meet all product and service expectations of our customers.


Metin İş Branda Çadır Sanayi

Location: Turkia

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About The Company

About us

In 1963, Mehmet buyukcorak the experience we started with our work-life is 54 years, with our experience, we provide service and John Davies at eskoop industrial site.

Closely follow today's technology and self-renewing, developing with our expert staff, Customer Satisfaction-who cares about the requests in accordance with the requirements of the age as administering the most powerful company in the industry continues today.

On our state site, a truck tarp, Truck Tent, truck chassis and Canopy enclosure, we are involved in manufacturing and production.

Company Policy ;

Business ethics and customer satisfaction, while adhering to the principles create a friendly service, experienced sales team, Service crafting pre-sales and post-developing and applying reliable methods system is to provide for continuity and quality assurance.

Our Understanding Of Quality;

Our mission is to be the best and always ensure customer satisfaction in every area we serve.

 We understand from being the best;
 customers ' satisfaction providing
 corporate and aware of their social responsibilities,
 is to be a company that can be represented as a reference against competitors.


Our mission;

Is to always be the best. Our customers, our employees and our business partners while ensuring the satisfaction of a company is to be preferred.
To meet all product and service expectations of our customers.

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