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Misk’s Wet Wipes

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Misk’s Wet Wipes

  • Feminine wet wipes, infused with pure musk - famous for its distinctive scent - used on sensitive areas.
  • Gives a fresh feeling and a long-lasting scent
  • Up to medical standards and doesn’t cause skin irritation
  • Free of alcohol
  • suitable size for personal use 18 x 19 cm



  • Feminine wet wipes, infused with pure musk, used for sensitive areas to give a feeling of freshness and a long-lasting scent
  • Easy to use
  • Provides a fresh feeling 
  • Provides a long-lasting fabulous scent
  • Doesn’t cause any skin problems or irritation
  • Dermatology tested


  • Gives a lovely scent
  • Travel-sized and suitable for on-the-go use
  • Before intimacy
  • Cleansing after menstruation and postpartum periods.
  • Whenever you need a fresh nice smell





Sam Dış Ticaret Pazarlama LTD Şirketi

Location: İstanbul

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