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Mercimek Çorbası 80 Gr

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Lentil Soup 80 Gr

In One Portion
Calories: 92
Protein: 4
Carbohydrate: 10
Fat: 2

Chicken doner is among the most preferred products because of its taste, price advantage and filling. Since it can be consumed quickly and easily, it is a delicious meal, especially by the employees and students, quickly preparing food between meals. Since chicken doner is more valuable in terms of nutrients compared to other snacks, families can choose it for their children. Our company works by paying maximum attention to quality and hygiene conditions in its production. Importance is given to the quality and cleanliness of the materials used. The cleanliness of the production area is paid attention. All processes and elements in production are arranged in accordance with health conditions. Then, with the contributions of experienced masters and chefs, the doner is prepared according to your taste.

Things to Consider When Eating Chicken Doner

Chicken doner is a preferred product when eating out because it is cheap and delicious. Especially the main food of the students is chicken doner. For this reason, chicken doner is made in many places. However, most places are able to get the cheapest in chicken and prepare chicken doner in a way that is not suitable for quality production and hygiene conditions. For this reason, eating chicken doner in unfamiliar places may not be healthy. Chicken doner should be eaten in reliable places. Our company is one of the successful brands in its field that prepares healthy and high quality chicken doner. Chicken doner produced in Bereket Doner is prepared by masters, chefs and those in charge of the kitchen, with an emphasis on quality production and hygiene conditions. To repeat, the place to be eaten must be a familiar safe place. Our company is one of the most reliable addresses in this regard.

Preparation of Chicken Doner

Soft meats of chicken are used in making chicken doner. In this way, doner becomes more delicious. After the parts of the chicken to be used are put through the necessary saucing process, it is attached to the apparatus of the stove to be cooked and it is cooked slowly by turning it continuously. It is finely chopped with a special doner knife. Chicken doner is generally consumed between bread or wrapped in a wrap. It is also flavored with various greens and sauces. Chicken doner; It can be presented in many different ways, such as wraps, over rice and plain. It is a food that is practical to cook and fast to serve. It is among the most preferred fast foods because it is easy and fast to consume. Thanks to its different flavor, chicken doner, which is enjoyed and consumed by everyone, is carefully prepared by our employees and presented to our customers. Our company pays attention to all the details in doner making. It gives importance to the preferences and taste of the customers. It works in an environment suitable for hygiene conditions. Everything is prepared in accordance with health rules.

Franchise Systems

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We reach into every corner of our extensive dealer network in Turkey Bereket Doner. In line with our sales strategies and growth targets, we bring our products to consumers through different channels. never our products are manufactured in a hygienic and safe manner without compromising quality for reaching every corner of Turkey, we are doing extensive distribution and logistics network with a professional. Overall sales of our dealer network in our area has a capacity of 89 units in diameter to provide service to all regions of Turkey. Our mono distributors alongside our dealer sales channel, corporate, organized retail (Retail) and HoReCa (Hotel-Restaurant-Cafe) with each of our sales channels to reach different points of Turkey's most important, most major chains, institutions and brands, including all our customers directly We are proud of being able to reach and provide a perfect service. To manage more controlled our sales network, to attract the maximum our strength communication and field event our with regional offices we have established in more in order to increase Turkey's big cities in all of our 89 dealers are working with the same quality and service. Bereket Döner dealers without the provinces are doing to our environment through the inclusion of extensivity dealers operating in the provinces of our sales channels and product sales operational confidence to place even in the remotest corners of Turkey using our competence. Turkey's largest city located in Monona our distributors and our sales channels, one of the most important parts of our products are able to deliver directly up to the neighborhood with the advantage of city centers. Ready to turn the clear industry leader and founder of the sector as a target for the expansion of our organization while continuing to grow our way of Turkey as a market leader is to increase our market share further increasing our penetration of 81 provinces. On the other hand, as the spokesperson and advocate of Turkish doner in the world, while exporting to 14 countries, we keep the bar high in our target country number by increasing the share of export sales in our turnover share every new period. In line with this goal, our negotiations with new distributors continue in our target markets, the Middle East and North Africa. We want to grow because we want to share our brand, which is 100% domestic capital and 100% domestic producer, our quality and real Turkish doner with the whole world.



Ready Doner

Ready doner application; It was initiated by Turkish entrepreneurs residing in Europe and has reached a large volume especially in Germany since the 1990s. In Turkey, the organization is ready to turn the sector in 1998 and production began with Bereket Doner Bereket and in the process with the brand essence has become more active. which was established in 1998 in Istanbul Ikitelli Organized Industrial Zone covered area of 1350 square meters in Turkey's ready to turn our first production facility has started its trial production in June 1999. Our production facility produces döner with traditional methods with its machine park and hygienic production conditions imported from Germany, the center of industrial production. As the founder and leader of the sector, our Özde Bereket brand, which represents our manufacturer identity, supplies products to its customers in different identities from corporate companies to chain restaurants. Our employees revolving facility with a production capacity of 50 tons per day in one shift has been among the world's largest manufacturers of rotary as a manufacturer of rotary interim leader by far Turkey's deficit.


Hijyende mükemmellik Bereket Döner


The "Excellence in Hygiene" project carried out in cooperation with Eczacıbaşı Professional and Eyüpsultan Municipality has completed its first year. Within the scope of the "Excellence in Hygiene" project, which aims to increase the hygiene standards of out-of-home points, trainings were given to businesses in Eyüpsultan and periodic inspections were carried out. 7 successful businesses were awarded the "Excellence in Hygiene" certificate. Eczacıbaşı Professional and Eyüpsultan Municipality, which implemented the “Excellence in Hygiene” project, provided hygiene consultancy and supervision services to businesses for 7 months. Within the framework of the project aiming to provide perfect hygiene in three steps; were subjected to inspection, monitoring and protection stages. As a result of the training and follow-up carried out by Eczacıbaşı Professional Academy, Köfteci Ramiz, Bereket Döner, Simit Sarayı, Sister's Place, Mihmandar, Küçük Vardar Ice Cream and Ensari Mansion were awarded certificates. Businesses that receive "Excellence in Hygiene" certificates will continue to be audited regularly. Speaking at the certificate presentation meeting, Eyüpsultan Mayor Remzi Aydın; “It is very important for us that the businesses in Eyüpsultan produce hygienic rules. We conduct regular audits on this issue. We cooperated with Eczacıbaşı Profesyonel, the leader in its sector, to move our businesses to a higher level. As a result of the work that has been going on for a year, 7 of our valuable brands in Eyüpsultan have passed all the training and inspections and have been awarded a certificate. '' Congratulating the businesses and wishing them to set an example for other businesses, Aydın; He stated that there are now 7 businesses with a sign of Excellence in Hygiene in the Eyüpsultan district and he wishes this number to increase in the coming periods.

The first condition of consumers is cleaning

Stating that the first choice of consumers in business selection is cleaning, Eczacıbaşı Professional General Manager Melike Koçoğlu said; “According to the results of the research we conducted in the past years, the first criterion that 68 percent of consumers look at when choosing a restaurant is 'cleanliness'. Based on the research, we developed the Excellence in Hygiene project a year ago in order to both benefit businesses and increase end user satisfaction. As Eczacıbaşı Professional, we aim to increase the satisfaction of the consumers by keeping the hygiene levels of the enterprises at high standards. '' Stating that they are implementing the "Excellence in Hygiene" program for the businesses in Eyüpsultan in cooperation with Eyüpsultan Municipality, Koçoğlu said; “Today we are happy to present the first certificates of our project. While ensuring the hygiene safety of the consumers in our project, economical and effective hygiene methods were transferred to the enterprises. "We will continue our training and inspections in new businesses in the upcoming period." Inspection, follow-up and protection The enterprises determined within the scope of the "Excellence in Hygiene" project in Eyüpsultan were examined by the experts of the Eczacıbaşı Professional Academy and the areas for improvement were determined. The areas developed in the project where the training activities were carried out were subjected to continuous audits. Businesses that successfully passed all stages were entitled to receive the "Excellence in Hygiene" certificate. With the "Excellence in Hygiene", which offers the enterprises participating in the project correct application methods for hygiene, the enterprises improve themselves in sustainable hygiene. Businesses operating in the out-of-home consumption sector can apply to Eczacıbaşı Professional and Eyüpsultan Municipality to benefit from the "Excellence in Hygiene" services and become certified.


Bereket Döner Sanayi Ticaret A.Ş.

Location: Esentepe Mh. Büyükdere Caddesi, No: 195 Levent,Şişli,İSTANBUL

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About The Company


Bereket Döner, 1988 yılında İstanbul Beyoğlu’nda, küçük bir döner işletmesi olarak kurulmuştur. Kısa zaman içinde hizmetteki ve kalitedeki özeni karşılıksız kalmamış, Beyoğlu ve çevresinde restoranlarının sayısını 4’e ulaştırmıştır. Bu restoranlarda günlük olarak 1500 kilograma yakın döner satabiliyor olmanın vermiş olduğu güç ve cesaret ile 1998 yılında İstanbul İkitelli Organize Sanayi Bölgesi’nde Türkiye’nin ilk hazır döner üretim tesisini kurmuş, böylelikle geleneksel Türk dönerini dünyada hak ettiği yere taşıma hedefi ile hızla büyümüştür. Bugün geleneksel Türk dönerinin dünyadaki sözcüsü ve savunucusu vizyonu ile yoluna devam eden Bereket Döner, dünyanın en büyük döner üreticilerinin arasında yer almayı başarmıştır.

Bereket Döner sektörün öncü markası olarak, kontrollü ve hijyenik şartlarda üretim yapan ve işinde uzman bir kadroya sahip tesisleriyle, Türk Dönerinin bugünkü yüksek standartlarını oluşturmuştur. Türkiye’nin en büyük döner üreticisi olarak İstanbul Hadımköy’de 12.500 m²’lik kapalı alanda kurulu tesisi ile Bereket Döner, kuruluşundan bugüne sektöründe açık ara liderliğini korurken dünyada da adından sıkça söz ettiren dev üreticilerin başında gelmektedir. Ayrıca Niksar’da kurulan Süt ve Süt Ürünleri Fabrikası ve Besi Çiftliği ile de Türkiye’nin verimli topraklarında kendi üretimini yapmaya başlamıştır. Bereket Döner, kurduğu üretim sistemleri sayesinde doğal ve geleneksel yöntemlerle kaliteden ödün vermeden, hijyenik şartlarda ürettiği ürünlerini tüketicisi ile buluşturmanın gururunu yaşamaktadır.

Günümüzde ülkemizin en büyük hazır döner üreticisi olan ve 125’i aşan şube sayısı ile en büyük restoran zincirlerinden birine sahip Bereket Döner, sektörde haklı ve saygın bir yer edinmiştir. 2015 yılı Türkiye’nin en büyük sanayi kuruluşları araştırmasında İkinci Beşyüz listesine adını yazdırarak sektöründe yine bir ilke imza atmıştır. Büyüme yolunda vites yükselten, yeni ve daha yüksek hedeflere koşan Bereket Döner yakın dönemde kendini daha da geliştirerek Türkiye’nin en büyük sanayi kuruluşları arasında ilk 500e yükselme amacı ile çalışmalarına devam etmektedir. Böylelikle sadece kendi sektöründe lider olmakla yetinmeyip yoluna daha büyük hedeflerle devam ederken Türkiye’nin en büyük sanayi devleri arasındaki yerini almaya hazırlanmaktadır.

Bereket Döner, helal ve güvenilir gıda üretmek misyonu ve geleneksel Türk dönerinin dünyadaki sözcüsü ve savunucusu olma vizyonu ile bütün platformlarda bunun mücadelesini sürdürmektedir. Bugün Bereket Döner Ailesi Türkiye’nin büyük değerlerinden biri olan Türk Dönerini, ülke sınırlarımızın dışına taşıyarak bir dünya markası olma yolunda azimle çalışmaya devam etmektedir.

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