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Maxima Stand (Maxi Plus)

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Maxima Modular Exhibition Stands


They are the most used modular exhibition stands. The aluminum profiles used in this system are made of more aesthetic and quality materials. In addition to aluminum and chipboard, the use of glass, tulle, plexi, and special wooden modules compatible with the system can be used in Maxima exhibition stands, making them advantageous compared to other modular exhibition stands.


Octanorm (Aluset) Modular Exhibition Stands


It is a modular exhibition stand type prepared using aluminum and chipboard materials. This system is also widely used. Despite this, its aesthetic aspect is simple and offers a weaker design solution compared to other systems. It is offered as the simplest standard fair stand solution used in fairs. It is also possible to rent this fair stand, which we offer for our customers with low budgets.


You can request the materials you may need at your fair stands from us. You can find them below.

  • Time
  • Chair
  • Coffee table
  • sofa set
  • Fridge
  • water dispenser
  • brochure holder
  • Coffee machine

Apart from our extra exhibition stand materials above, we can supply the materials you request for your exhibition stand.



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